Barber Shop Surface Decals

Barber Shop Surface Decals


Boost Traffic to Your Business Using Barber Shop Decals

  • Advertising decals include 250-micron thick white monomeric vinyl for durability.
  • Full-color, 720-DPI eco-solvent printing enhances visibility.
  • A glossy surface improves decal aesthetics.
  • A customizable layout of the decals offers versatility.

Barber Shop Decals With Vivid Prints Deliver Optimal Visibility

Attracting new customers to your local business is a common challenge that many owners and managers face. With attractive graphics, our barber shop decals help boost walk-in traffic. Install them at opportune locations such as front windows and doors for optimal exposure.

The  decals are white monomeric vinyl material with a 70-min surface gloss to ensure high-quality prints. Crafted through eco-solvent or latex printing technology, they have distinct graphics and crisp text.

With a white glossy front and back, text on the white vinyl decals is easily noticeable. Our barber shop designs capture the attention of the public and keep your brand in mind. Their full-color, 720 -PI UV prints offer increased visibility.

If you have a unique design concept in mind, simply upload your custom, ready-to-print artwork. Use our intuitive online editing tool to tailor specifications such as size to match your requirements. Our selection of pre-designed decals provide a number of effective signs that are ready to ship.

Barber Shop Surface Decals Offer Swift Installation

Our white vinyl decals have a material thickness rating of 250 microns which resists tears. Their tough build makes them last long, which reduces the need for periodic replacements and saves on your company's ad spend.

These decals come with an application squeegee tool that has a comfortable grip to simplify installation. It lets you remove air bubbles during application for a smooth look. With a flush-cut finish, the decals offer a neat set up.

Order in Bulk to Save on Barber Shop Decals

We offer bulk pricing on orders of two signs or more to meet the needs of smaller establishments. The discount lowers the cost per decal, which offers opportunities for larger orders and wider distribution. 

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