Bilingual OSHA Hair Covering Required Decal (Non Reflective)

Bilingual OSHA Hair Covering Required Decal (Non Reflective)


Workplace Safety Decals Help Avoid Equipment Contamination

  • The decals comprise durable vinyl.
  • The decal is simple to apply because of their adhesive. 
  • Optional lamination ensures enhanced weatherability. 
  • Graphics with full-color latex printing are of high quality.

Workplace Hazard Decals are Sturdy

Keep hair away from delicate machinery and foodstuff to avoid infection. To ensure food and equipment safety, use OSHA notice decals to properly communicate with your employees.

Food safety decals come from robust vinyl material that provides long-lasting use. This reduces the need for frequent modifications.

You have the Option of Laminating Your OSHA Notice Decals

On safety notice decals, the pressure-sensitive adhesive and kraft paper lining make installation a snap.

Increase the lifetime of your workplace hazard decals by laminating them. They can endure up to five years. You may also use full-color latex printing to produce high-quality, colorful graphics on the signage.

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