Bilingual Prohibitory No Cell Phones Aluminum Sign (Diamond Reflective)

Bilingual Prohibitory No Cell Phones Aluminum Sign (Diamond Reflective)


No Cellphone Signs for Creating Awareness

  • Thick and heavy-duty aluminum for corrosion resistance.
  • 3M™ Diamond Grade™  graphic material used. 
  • Has a thickness of 440 microns. 
  • Digitally printed and laminated. 

Durable No Cellphone Signs

Cellphones may interfere with signal transmission or make noise within your local facility and lead to interference. Prevent disturbance with our no smoking signs.

The thick and sturdy aluminum bilingual signs are corrosion resistant. This ensures signs maintain a good appearance for long.

Reflective No Smoking Signs

3M™ Diamond Grade™  cell phone use prohibited signs facilitate visibility at night. Ensure 24-hour functionality with this sign.

The lamination on the bilingual signs contains a tough coat to prevent aging, scratches, and abrasion. It increases the service duration of the sign, both indoors and out, by up to 12 years.

Disclaimer: All signs and banners content on is used for example purposes only. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to contact their local, city, or state government offices to obtain the legal requirements for any and all signs before having their signs printed.