Bio Secure Area Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)

Bio Secure Area Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)


Protect your Facility with 'Bio Secure Area' Aluminum Signs

  • We use rustproof aluminum
  • The reflective surfaces add visibility.
  • Our laminated coats are scuff-resistant.
  • You can use the signs for as long as 7 years.
  • Installation is quick due to pre-made prints.

'Bio Secure Area' Signs are Rustproof and Highly Visible

Restricting access to certain areas may be necessary to the cleanliness and safety of a facility. Label off-limits zones with 'controlled access area' signs.

Made of durable metal, these aluminum stop signs are resistant to rust.

Passersby can easily spot the reflective 'bio security farm' signs from afar.

Laminated and Long-Lasting 'Controlled Access Area' Signs

We laminate our aluminum stop signs to protect them from abrasion.

Save money by using the same set of 'bio security farm' signs for 7 years or more.

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