Blade Flags

Blade Flags

  • Advertising blade flags use tough synthetic fabric for longevity.
  • Fabrics are easy to clean with mild laundry detergent.
  • Customize your flags by changing the design, size, and hardware settings.
  • Flags are easily portable, regardless of the hardware options.
  • A slender design takes up minimal space on your property.

Relay Messages With Advertising Blade Flags

Advertising Blade Flags Are Sturdy, Customizable, and Easy to Clean

If you own a store but have little to no space for signage available, it's challenging to promote grand openings, sales, job vacancies, or other important messages to the public. Purchase our advertising blade flags to attract attention so people understand what's happening at your store right now.

Our custom blade flags are made of synthetic flag fabric and carbon composite fiberglass hardware. Both materials make for very stable outdoor flags, so you can display messages blemish-free and indefinitely until you take them down.

Maintaining your promotional flags is quick. Use a damp, clean cloth with mild detergent to remove stains and dirt. Alternatively, you can clean the in a washing machine using gentle settings and warm water.

We customize the marketing flags in many ways to suit your property. Upload a custom design or create it with our design tool. Other choices include size, a reverse side, and your choice of spike or cross base. Flags without the fabric or base are also available.

Portable and Slender Custom Blade Flags

The tall, slender design of our marketing flags features a unique appearance that works to attract guests. When installed, the signs take up minimal room, so you can maintain a clutter-free area where the flag is the only focal point.

The promotional flags can be easily moved and stored. Whether you have cross or spike bases, the flags are light and take little time to relocate. This versatility allows you to reuse the flag in the future for a great return on investment.

Advertising Blade Flags Are Eligible for Discounts

Receive a bulk quantity discount when you order multiple marketing flags. With more flags in the cart, the more the price per flag reduces. Should you need a series of flags, this discount can keep you from overspending.

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