Blank Full Color Table Covers & Throws

Blank Full Color Table Covers & Throws


Brand Your Space With Blank Table Covers

  • Blank table covers made of premium polyester offer longevity.
  • Covers are available in four colors to match your branding.
  • Customize your covers by size, finish, and personalized design.
  • Three-sided covers provide easy under-the-table access.
  • Clean the covers with machine or hand washing for easy maintenance.

Color Table Covers Are Colorful, Personalized, and Durable

At trade shows, plain-looking tables can leave visitors underwhelmed. Dressing up your tables is important to help attract and intrigue visitors. To do this, set up full-color table covers to get immediate attention. They give you large promotional signs that are eye-catching while saving space on table surfaces. 

Our event table covers come in a polyester fabric. Hard to tear, the covers can last for years. You can use these covers at event after event for tremendous value and reusability.

The polyester table covers come in black, white, red, and blue. Any of these color choices can tie into your branding, as well as attract attention by standing out from other displays around the area.

We offer many customization options for the promotional table covers. Design your own graphics along with choosing the color. Pick from three table sizes, three or four sides, and pick between a sewn-edge or hot-knife finish. 

User-Friendly and Easy-to-Clean Full-Color Table Covers

Opt for 3-sided covers so the back folds are absent. This allows you to store and access your belongings when stored underneath the table. The polyester table covers stay out of your way as you chat with customers while promoting your product.

Easy to maintain, the promotional table covers wash by hand or machine. Either method will effectively remove dirt and stains from the fabric, so you can properly clean your promotional table covers on a routine basis.

Color Table Covers Are Available for Discounts

Order multiple polyester table covers and receive a bulk discount. This discount decreases the price per cover when more are added to the cart. Should you need multiple covers for your business, you can do so without breaking the bank.

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