6 Ways to Take Advantage of a Business on the Beachfront

Whether you run a personalized swimsuit shop, food shack, tropical cocktail stand, or any other beach business, having a detailed plan of action is a must to ensure its success. Regardless of how exciting and fun a beach business can be, the challenge remains to attract more customers and know how to maximize your earnings all year round.

Explore Complementary Revenue Streams For Slow Times

One of the best ideas to make your beach business successful is to explore complementary service offerings during slow times of the year. It will help you offset the effects of seasonality and is also a great way to make use of offseason resources. Some of the ideas you can look at while also maintaining your focus on your primary business include-

Local Surf Shop: Opening a surf shop filled with various surfing equipment is an excellent way to make money at beaches. Several locals like to catch a few waves during their offseason when there aren’t many tourists. Opening a shop that provides all the surfing equipment, backdrop, banners, yard signs, canopies, and more will become a hotspot irrespective of the season.

Sell Locally Made Merchandise: A visit to any famous beach remains incomplete without buying the local merchandise. Tourists are particularly attracted to unique items to the place that are not available in their respective cities. It makes selling souvenirs and other local merchandise an excellent business idea for your beachfront business.

One of the ways to utilize your beach business is by advertising it. Everything plays a role here, from naming your business and designing your space to appropriately stage your business. Make sure that all your products look fresh, accessible, unique, and inviting and that the business relates to a beach theme that attracts locals and tourists.

To further promote your business, you can invite the local media to attend new product launches, play music, offer giveaways, hold contests, and entertain your customers. You can further advertise your beach business in local newspapers, magazines, blogs, hotels, resorts, and beach shops. To make it more interesting offer various coupons or incentives such as a free surfing lesson, sunscreen or product samples.

Plan Interesting Events

Hosting exciting and fun public events at the beach that everyone can enjoy is a perfect way to not only promote your business, but to also gain new customers. With an exciting range of activities to participate in, people will never forget and associate your brand with the positive experience your event brings to them. They will be more inclined to support your brand and buy your products and services.

For instance, you can hold an event for all your loyal customers and build rapport by rewarding your seasonal customers with a fun and exciting event. It could be anything from a get-together or party to glimpses of next season’s product/service offerings.

Take Effort To Know Your Locale

Knowing your locale thoroughly is essential to optimize your business. Make sure to promote and sell products with some local connection to the community. For instance, go with goods/merchandise made locally with local themes and products or the ones directly connected to the location where you’ve set up your beach business.

Likewise, there are high chances of sunblock being a strong seller for a beachfront kiosk, but one sourced from a local shop/seller would be the better. Therefore, putting money back into the community where your business is located.

Keep A Watch On The Competition

Knowing what your beach competitors are doing makes it simpler to up your offerings and set yourself apart from them. Keep in mind the competition and get inspiration where you can, and check if there is anything that applies to your own business.

Keeping an eye on your competitors also gives you better insight into what they’re doing correctly and what they can improve upon. This will help in understanding how to better your own beach business during peak seasons while keeping the costs down at the same time.

Address Staffing Concerns Early On

When running a beach or any other seasonal business, hiring expenses make for a big chunk of operating expenses. It is essential to strike a balance between the expenses to keep and replace the staff respectively. Apart from keeping the short-term contract workers motivated to give their 100%, take time to train the existing staff with a new set of skills to make them feel valued and needed at your business.

Lastly, think about retaining your existing best-performing staff members to help you make the most of the low and off-seasons at the beaches. When there is continuity in your working staff, it makes the transition to the seasonal peak much more manageable and smoother.

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