How to Support Employees in Times of Need?

By far we have realized how powerful and resourceful our workforce can be. We all come together as One in the time of crisis and strive every effort to support the organization through every means. Likewise, the companies or employers must tremendously come forward to aid and support morally their employees and other workers. Both on-site and off-site workforce have been working tirelessly to keep the business afloat even during this tough time. Therefore, corporate responsibility needs a special mention here to meet the urgent needs of the employees in every possible way:


  1. Utmost Assistance through the HR Cell: As HR implies Human Resource and this department successfully manages the related tasks to benefit the employees of the firm, therefore, during this crisis, there should be timely communication and support through different means. Coming up with effective ways to inform their employees about the new rules and notifications announced for the employees’ welfare and other forms of aids can be progressively performed by the HR personnel of every firm.
  1. Come Up with Employee Assistance Programs: Through the means of financial aid, loan assistance – once the businesses get back to normal; facilitating needy employees with paying off their loan installments to some extent would be a great sign of relief for them. This is because due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in people running out of finances or getting short of them, therefore, it is vital for the companies to offer their employees any form of financial assistance and could suggest the plan to re-pay once their finances get stabilized. It is highly advised to the corporate/IT firms, SMEs – small and medium enterprises, and other ventures running across to not fire employees from their jobs or deduction in pays because this harsh time is turning cruel in all its forms and therefore, tells us to be supportive towards others in every possible way.
  1. Communicate & Inform: Timely communication with employees through webinars or team meetings aid in keeping the morale of the employees up always. Positive communication on daily tasks to keep them engaged and to come up with efficient productivity, it is vital to communicate. Weekly or monthly agendas create present and future hope among workers and thus they believe in offering the best of their efforts to keep the business and its facilities moving.
  1. Assistance to fight Isolation & Depression: There could be our fellow employees and workers staying alone or single at home, therefore, special communication or PR assistance cell should be created to deliver the best help and hope to the depressed or lonely ones. This would turn out to be an effective and interesting way to keep the employees involved without letting them feel left aside or hopeless for the future. After all, we work as a family at the workplace, and thus, expressing gratitude and affection towards employees shows the vitality and social corporate responsibility of the firm.
  2. Advance Preparations for Future Disasters: Plan and strategize future disasters with the most effective, modern-day methods and perfect utilization of technology so that no time, finances, and efforts go in vain if in case any form of crisis strike in future. Prior preparation for pandemic attacks or other acts of God situations needs to be considered so that prompt decisions and facilities can be designed for the employees, workers, and other staff members without effecting the backbone of the organization.
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