5 Ways You Can Advertise with Custom Car Decals

The rapid advances of the Internet has made advertising more competitive than ever. It allows sellers to reach potential customers who would otherwise not know about their brand’s existence. However, if your brand needs local publicity and lacks the budget for expensive web advertising agencies, you should consider car advertising as an economical and effective alternative to other forms of advertisement. 

Why Choose Car Advertising?

Car advertisement is a great publicity tool for small businesses and even big businesses that need creative ways to create local publicity. There are many reasons why you should add car advertisements to your advertisement arsenal, including: 

  • Cost-Effeective – Advertising tools like decals and flags are inexpensive, and the cost you bear is a one-time expense because you do not have to pay any rent on the advertising space. You only need to spend money on car advertisements again when your old advertisements need replacement. 

  • Catchy – Car advertisements are hard to miss if they are anywhere near you on the road. It is common for people to read car decals and flags just like they read outdoor banners because they are very intriguing and attractive to the eye.
  • Helps Build Image – Your business might not be massive, but the public does not know that! With the help of car advertisements, you lead the viewer to believe that your brand is a well-established one and make them more likely to buy from you compared to others. 
  • Covers More Ground – With traditional forms of advertisements like posters, the advertisement stays in one place and never gets the chance to move. With car advertising, you can cover many geographical areas with your messaging and make more people from other regions aware of your brand. They are, in effect, moving billboards, and by creating cool artwork customers love, they do this for you for free.

5 Ways You Can Advertise with Custom Car Decals

Now that you realize the importance of car advertising in your company, here are some ways to get you started:

  1. Construct A Logo And Tagline

Logos and taglines are the first things that people see in your advertisement. They are absolutely necessary when you are attempting to set your business apart from the competition. 

*Avoid copying your competitor’s ideas in this area because you want to build a unique brand.

  1. Placement

Ideally, it would be best to have your advertisements placed on the back and sides of vehicles as they are easily spotted in traffic and moving situations. If you wish to keep most of the vehicle’s original color visible, choose clear decals. On the other hand, you can decide to go with an opaque decal that gives you more options for bold colors and backgrounds. Just make sure you design them to have optimal placement be the back and sides of vehicles.

  1. Tell Them About Your Website

If your business has a dedicated web page, you do not need to fill your decals with technical details and other unengaging things. All you need to do is to mention your website in a clear font, and people will go to your website. In the digital era, people trust brands with an online presence more than brands that do not have one. By advertising your website, you are more likely to receive more opportunities to draw customers to your business. 

  1. Include Offers

If you are creating larger, company vehicles decals and you’re offering a deal to your customers, you can include the details of the offer on your advertisements by creating larger panel decals. This attracts people to your business and urges them to buy from you. In this highly competitive market, people love it when businesses come up with promotional offers and discounts as it allows them to get things cheaper.

  1. Use Clearly Visible Fonts

The text you use should be large and easy to read and understand. You do not want to be in a situation where you attract customers with your catchy visuals, but they can not get in touch with you because of the illegible font you chose for the advertisement. When it comes to bringing customers in, it is better to not be cheap on the quality of your wrap. 


Using decals, flags, and banners is a great way to grow your business on a budget. It saves money and time compared to other types of advertising, and it aids local popularity growth in businesses. This is a great opportunity to get creative and have fun in the car advertising space. We hope that through this article, we have helped you choose a suitable car advertisement campaign for your business.

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