Simple yet meaningful ways to give back to your community in times of COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a global crisis. Every business, workplace, and community could use some help. It is why each one of us needs to volunteer and give back to the community in any way possible. If you have always been waiting for the right time to do something for your community people, now is the right time. With so much time at hand as you social distance, there are ways you can make the most out of this time. It’s going to be a different world we will return into after this pandemic gets over. Let’s try our best to make that world a better place starting now. But how do you do it? You do not have to go out of your way to give back to your community and the people around you. It’s the small acts that go a long way. Here are a few simple acts that you can choose to support Philanthropy actively. But do remember, the true beauty of philanthropy exists in the simplest of acts and not something extravagant. Let’s have a look at a few simple yet meaningful ways to give back to the people of your community in these needy times:

Look After the Stray Animals: An effective way of giving back is by volunteering your time for the homeless animals. Your care and help are what stray animals need right now. If you find a homeless dog, cat, or any other animal in need of shelter, food, and care. Taking it to the nearest animal shelter would make a big difference. If you can’t take them to an animal shelter, taking care of even one such animal in need at your end is a great way to support philanthropy, especially at this time when it’s most needed. Take time to give love to them, feed them regularly, and keeping a check on them is all that is needed. 

Be a Part of a Fundraising Event: Collect information about any COVID-19 fundraising events locally being hosted within your neighborhood or community. Finding one such cause and supporting it financially and personally can make a huge difference. This will not just help others but will motivate you to get through the crisis and emerge as a much stronger person by the end of it. Many global causes and charity events do not even need you to be involved personally yet be a part of it via the digital world. You can find such charity events if you are reluctant to go out and participate in local events that demand physical support during COVID-19

Do Something for the Environment: As simple as planting a tree is a fantastic way to do something good for the environment and be a part of a change that brings wellness. You can even choose to recycle your household waste by starting a composting pit. Or collect plastic/waste from around your neighborhood and take it to a local recycling center. Any small or big act of philanthropy is a step towards better tomorrow after the COVID-19 crisis ends. 

Volunteer to Help a Senior Neighbor in Need: These tough times are especially hard on senior citizens. Senior citizens are more vulnerable to this pandemic, which calls for them to stay indoors to ensure safety. If you know of a neighbor that could use your help in any outdoor chores like getting the grocery from the local store- do not hesitate to offer your help. 

As we said, the beauty of philanthropy lies in its simplicity. So, don’t choose extravagant activities that are done to become popular on social media. Go for smaller, relevant, more generous acts of support that actually make a difference in your and others’ lives. Even if it’s as simple as keeping a regular check on a community member to ensure they are doing just fine during social distancing. 

Generosity has been a part of mankind since the beginning and it’s most required in times like this. Amidst COVID-19 trying to kill people, let’s do our bit to keep humanity alive.

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