Bollard Covers - Triangle

Bollard Covers - Triangle


Striking Bollard Covers for Branding & Promotion

  • Our bollard covers are composed of high-quality corflute for lasting results.
  • Get print-ready files online for custom graphics & prints.
  • A wide variety of predefined sizes are available.
  • Bollard covers with an integrated self-locking mechanism.
  • Printed with full-color, 600 DPI, 3-sided printing for better visibility.

Top-quality, Captivating Triangular Bollard Covers for Branding

As a facility or business owner, it is essential to protect your outdoor assets while enhancing the curb appeal of your establishment. It can be expensive to pay for bollard maintenance and replacement every single time if it gets damaged due to harsh weather or hit by a vehicle. Finding trustworthy, robust, and quality-driven displays that utilize your storefront effectively to promote your business while also safeguarding your bollard from the element should be the top priority. And here we are ‘Best of Signs’ to help you with all your premium covering needs.

Our sturdy triangular bollard covers can withstand multiple impacts and drive maximum advertising benefit. Place them outside your business or in the parking lot to spread your message in a subtle yet interesting way. You can use these appealing covers for brand advertising, festive discount announcements, and other promotional activities awareness.

Since the bollards are used for outdoor purposes, we ensure to craft our bollard covers with quality-driven material. Our bollard covers are composed of a 5mm thick corflute weighing 500 GSM for long-lasting service life. With an excellent color-retention ability using full-color, 600 DPI printing, the triangular bollard covers will produce long-lasting and vibrant prints. Additionally, UV (ultraviolet) protective prints guard against fading even when the covers are exposed to the sun's rays, UV rays, and other environmental factors. Therefore, these top-notch components guarantee that your branding campaign can be carried out outdoors without any risk or hindrance.

Bollard covers are easy-to-customize with your preferred graphics. Create custom graphics by uploading print-ready promotional text, the brand logo, the company name, or relevant photos to get the most out of outdoor brand advertising. Select the 'Upload Artwork & Checkout' tab to instantly submit/upload your artwork.

The triangular bollard covers feature a 3-sided printing option. The visuals for your store advertisement will be printed on all three sides to ensure effective brand awareness and increased visibility for current & potential customers as well as bystanders.

Eye-Catching Bollard Covers Available in a Variety of Sizes

Our custom bollard covers can be effortlessly installed outside with no additional time or endeavor required. Armed with a built-in self-locking system, the bollards are fixed perfectly or pop over the bollards or posts. (Posts are installed to direct traffic, preventing cars from hitting or clashing with pedestrians or other structures.)

To provide you with an unparalleled shopping experience, we have designed pre-defined, ready-to-order sizes for the bollard cover offering hassle-free ordering. To serve the needs of varied-sized bollards, our six predetermined sizes range in width from 7 inches to 14 inches. For a fast summary of sizes offered, refer to the size tab.

Get Triangle Bollard Covers at Bulk Discounts

Our bollard covers are available in various bulk quantities with great discounts starting from a min order value of 2 and above to enable you to cost-effective purchases. Choose the bulk quantities you wish to order for your storefront promotion by browsing our bulk quantity discount category. Bulk buying helps business marketing initiatives, particularly when you want to spread the word about your brand, provide shout-outs, and more.