Cactus Inflatable Tube Man Character

Cactus Inflatable Tube Man Character


Have potential customers take note of your business space.  

  • Available in 3 different sizes (6ft/10ft/20ft)
  • The inflatable is pre-designed and cannot be customized
  • Constructed with 600D pvc/nylon
  • The blower will not be added to the order by default. Please set the Add blower value to ‘Yes’ to add it to the cart along with this cactus inflatable graphic. 

Cactus Inflatable Tube Man- Encourage Potential Customers to Visit Your Business by Gaining Attention Instantly

Use this Cactus inflatable tube man as an ideal decor or advertising tool for your business space. From gas stations to event booths and interstate routes, to freeways- inflatable tube dancers are an excellent tool to gain the attention of the passers-by instantly. Pre-designed in vibrant green color, this tube man imitates the colored cactus. The green body and ruby hair make it highly attractive. Since this is a pre-designed, ready-to-order inflatable cactus man, you cannot personalize it. However, we have a great selection of custom inflatable dancers as well, in case you are looking for one. This inflatable dynamically creates a wiggly-wavy motion, which is created by the air blower attached at the bottom of the tube body. This particular cactus tube man will measure 6FT high when inflated. Though there are more sizes to choose from. Feel free to select the right height to ensure that it creates the right impact. Constructed out of polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin; the inflatable graphics result in high durability and possess increased resistance to several outdoor elements. With proper care and maintenance, our inflatable tubes can last for a long time. 

Remember to add the blower before you order this Cactus inflatable tube man!

The motion of this cactus inflatable tube dancer is controlled by the blower attached at its bottom. The blower blasts air into the tube body, resulting in a dynamic motion. A blower is an integral part of an air tube dancer. This 6FT inflatable air tube works perfectly well with the 9'' blower. To add the blower to your order, please set the ‘Add Blower’ option value to ‘Yes’. 

Place your order now and save up to 20%, plus get FREE SHIPPING. Assembling your air tube will take you minutes. Once you plug in the blower power, your cactus inflatable tube man will be ready to grab all the attention!