Cactus Inflatable Tube Man Character

Cactus Inflatable Tube Man Character


Attract Customers With Inflatable Waving Tube Man Dancer

  • Polyamide nylon silk construction provides durability.
  • Green color palette contrasts well with most buildings for visual appeal.
  • Blower generates waving motions that catch people's attention.
  • Pre-designed style eliminates the need to spend time on designing.
  • Choose from three different tube man sizes.

Durable Inflatable Air Dancers

New product launches require out-of-the-box marketing methods to attract big crowds. With their gigantic sizes and wavy motions, our cactus air dancers let you capture the imagination. The attractive marketing tools work well at gas stations, schools, stores, and parties.

The tops of these air dancers feature polyamide nylon silk construction with added tarpaulin to provide a balanced blend between durability and flexibility. The bottom core features 600D PVC nylon to prevent fraying. All materials are weather-resistant, so the tube men hold up well in sunlight and light rain.

These inflatable marketing materials deflate to simplify transport. The air blower inflates and powers the wavy motions of the air dancers. To clean these tube men, we recommend washing in a front-loading machine. You can also hand clean your air dancers to maintain them in pristine condition.

Featuring a distinctive cactus design, the marketing accessories leave a lasting impression. The green color palette and bright red topknot contrast well with most surrounding structures to bring a flair of uniqueness to your events.

Customize Waving Tube Men Air Dancers

We offer three waving men sizes, so you can you easily find the right option for your establishment. Choose between 6-foot, 10-foot, and 20-foot high inflatable dancers.

The cactus tube men don't come with any text or graphics, so they work well for event managers, store owners, and virtually any type of business. You won't need to spend time designing or importing artwork when placing your order.

Inflatable Tube Men With Bulk Discounts

We help businesses save money with a sliding-scale pricing model. All orders of two or more items attract bulk discounts. The discounts increase steadily based on the size of your order.

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