Canopy Tent Travel Bag with Wheels

Canopy Tent Travel Bag with Wheels

  • Crafted from black Oxford polyester fabric.
  • Equipped with top handle and bottom zipper.
  • Available in various sizes to suit any canopy.
  • Comes with wheels for hassle-free transit.

Canopy Tent Travel Bag Made from Highly Durable Polyester Fabric

A splendid combination of toughness and longevity, our canopy tent travel bag is crafted from great quality polyester material. Made from waterproof and tear-resistant black Oxford fabric, the canopy bag is designed to protect from changing weather conditions and damaging external elements. Equipped with various canopy tent accessories, the bag is sure to make a lasting impression.

Armed with two multi-way wheels for quick transportation, the canopy bag can be easily moved in any direction without any hassle. Along with solid wheels, there are plastic handles at the top of the bag with reinforced stitching for feasible handling.

With a sleek zipper at the bottom that adds strength to the bag, you can easily pack or remove the canopy and frame anytime. Durable and robust, the zipper provides better management and quick access to the canopy bag while traveling.

Packed with sturdy wheels, a handle, and zipper closure, the canopy bag can be easily transported from one event to another. Available at budget-friendly rates, the bags come with free shipping for orders above $99.

Buy Canopy Tent Travel Bag in Multiple Sizes

Crafted for all-around protection, our canopy bag is available in three different sizes to suit your requirements. The smallest bag size is of 6x6 ft. The canopy bag weighing 1.5 kg comes with a packing size of 157"x 23"x 22". Next one is the 10x10 ft. size canopy bag with a net weight of 2.25 kg that has a 165"x 30"x 30"packing size.

The biggest canopy bag offered by Best of Signs measures 20x10 ft. in size and weighs 3.2 kg with a 165"x 42"x 30" packing size. Made to withstand the test of time, the canopy tent bag helps in smooth packing and unpacking of your large or small canopy at the destination.

Place Bulk Order for Custom Canopy Tent Travel Bag

Versatile enough to accommodate every need, our canopy tent travel bags with wheels can be customized to shield many different styles of pop-up canopies. Ready to be delivered to your doorstep, the highly durable canopy bags should be ordered in large quantities to save time and money. Place your order now!