Canopy Tent Travel Bag with Wheels

Canopy Tent Travel Bag with Wheels

  • Fabricated from black Oxford polyester to ensure extended durability
  • Includes handle on top & bottom zipper for utmost convenience.
  • Travel bags come in various sizes to suit any canopy.
  • Wheels at the bottom enable easy handling and transport.

High-quality Canopy Tent Travel Bag with Wheels

Satellite Events Made Easy with Custom Canopy Tent Travel Bag with Wheels

Turn every event into an attention-grabber with a canopy tent travel bag with wheels. High-quality oxford polyester fabric combined with a handle on the top for portability means you can easily transport your canopy tent from event to event. Complete with zipper closure and sturdy wheels, the canopy travel bag is a durable pick for multi-purpose and multi-use pop up canopy frames.

With two multiway wheels, there are no directional challenges, even in tight spaces. The wheels coupled with its durable, built-in plastic handle on the top mean you’re in full control of your custom travel bag to easily move it in any direction. The plastic handle’s reinforced stitching means you will never be forced to confront lost travel bag handles or broken clasps again.

A sleek, sturdy bottom zipper closure is built for easy open ability while packing or removing the canopy and frame from the tent travel bag. You never have to worry about hard to manage bag openings or security issues when on the road. The zipper’s durability, accessibility and strengthened performance offer a hassle-free solution.

Our canopy travel bag is fabricated from the highest quality material, assuring your tent bag’s strength and durability. Made from premium oxford polyester, its waterproof and tear resistant fabric encases your canopy in first-class protection no matter where you take it. This safeguards your canopy frame from weather, rough handling, and other sources of external damage.

Bulk Orders Accepted for Canopy Tent Travel Bags

We accept and deliver bulk orders of canopy tent travel bags with wheels based on your choice of shipping method. Whether your business is large or small with dozens of canopies or just a couple, we can accommodate every custom bag need. Best of all, adding bulk quantities of durable canopy bags to your list is not only cost-effective but time-saving, too.

Moreover, we provide an assortment of canopy tent travel bags capable of safeguarding many different styles of pop up canopies at any event location. Our custom bags are versatile enough to provide a tight and safe fit to whatever canopy tent shapes your company uses.

Pre-Defined Sizes of Canopy Travel Bag is Just a Click Away

A choice of three different sizes in canopy tent travel bags is available to accommodate varied sizes as well. Each of our bags is engineered in a way that packs your preferred canopy tent perfectly with the greatest of care. Each size is compact and easy to handle, making for smooth packing or unpacking at any destination whether your canopy is large or small.

Canopy Tent Travel Bag with Wheels Details:

Each of our travel bags with wheels provides first-rate craftsmanship with premium quality materials.

  • Material: High-quality oxford polyester
  • Handle at the top of the bag for feasible handling
  • Two wheels for quick & hassle-free transit to various destinations
  • Available in three different, pre-defined sizes
  • Canopy 10x10 Ft = Net weight: 2.250 kg; Packing size: 165""x 30""x 30""
  • Canopy 20x10 Ft = Net Weight: 3.200kg; Packing size: 165""x 42""x 30""
  • Canopy 6x6 Ft = Net Weight: 1.500 kg; Packing size: 157""x 23""x 22
  • Zipper Closure at the bottom adds strength to the bag