Car Decals / Stickers (Reflective)

Car Decals / Stickers (Reflective)


Effective Advertising With Reflective Car Decals

  • We use durable vinyl material that lasts.
  • Our car decals are highly visible even during the night.
  • You can customize reflective car decals according to size and color.
  • We have pre-designed templates for easy selection.
  • You get bulk discount for multiple orders.

Full-Color, Customizable Reflective Car Decals

It can be disheartening to run a business that is not breaking even. When you own a business, the critical aspect is meeting the customers' needs while making a profit. When you advertise services, you reach a broad audience and increase awareness of your brand. We offer reflective car decals that can help kick-start your business once again by advertising on the road. 

Our reflective car decals are durable; we make them from engineer-grade reflective material with a graphic weight of 220 GSM and a thickness of 280 microns. The material serves you for a long time. With the reflective material, your business car decal is still highly visible, drawing attention to the signs even during the night. The car decals can withstand different weather elements.

We print our decals with full-color 720 DPI eco-solvent technology. This type of printing gives the personalized car decals a perfect color match and spectacular graphics. The digital prints are vibrant, and the colors don't fade. With your finished product, you can either choose die cut or flash cut. We can cut a rectangle, square, other shape according to your specified size.

You can create a message that's unique to your business, customizing according to size and color as per your business demands. Opt for reflective or high-intensity prismatic (HIP) reflective vinyl, so when the glow from other car lights or street lights reaches your decals they're easily visible.

Pre-designed, Easy-to-Install Car Advertising Decals

We have a wide selection of pre-designed templates. It's easy to select, and it saves you time as the designs are in place already, whether you're promoting your business, products, or services. 

Our car reflective decals are easy to apply. They come pre-glued, so you can simply stick them on a flat surface. Consider the optional squeegee for a firm application and to remove air bubbles from the surface.

Bulk Discounts on Reflective Car Decals

Consider placing multiple orders for the reflective car decals; we gladly give you bulk discounts. This lets you place multiple decals on one vehicle or furnish your fleet of cars with the same branding.

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