Caution Low Clearance Watch For Overhead Wires Aluminum Sign (HIP Reflective)

Caution Low Clearance Watch For Overhead Wires Aluminum Sign (HIP Reflective)


Place Overhead Power Line Signs to Warn Employees of Transmission Lines

  • Our signs feature durable aluminum construction.
  • These signs have a professional appearance when laminated.
  • Digital printing yields vivid graphics.
  • The signs are chemical and water-resistant.

Overhead Power Line Signs are Enduring

Danger signs advise people about safety standards. Utilize our overhead caution signs to draw attention to high-voltage regions and warn workers to stay away from overhead power wires.

We make these electric caution signs out of heavy-duty metal, which makes them long-lasting. Our signs are chemical and water-resistant, and they can tolerate adverse weather conditions.

High-Quality Digitally Printed Overhead Caution Signs

Lamination shields overhead electric cables signs from the weather and keeps scratch-resistant. With this feature, our signage can endure up to 10 years.

Digital printing on the electric caution signs results in high-quality prints. The designs on the signage are sharp, making them noticeable from afar.

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