Caution Radiation Decal (Reflective)

Caution Radiation Decal (Reflective)


Notify the Public of Possible Danger Radiation Zone Decals

  • Reflective decals are highly visible.
  • Latex printing produces very detailed pictures.
  • Ready to use.
  • Have a two year lifespan.

Our Radiation Zone Decals are Exceptionally Long-Lasting

Visual communication is critical in facilities that contain hazardous compounds. Radiation hazard signs assist visitors, personnel, and first responders in recognizing potential risks and instructing them on how to avoid danger.

For optimal durability and convenience of use, these radiation symbol decals have an engineer grade reflective coating which makes them highly visible from a distance and during dark hours.

Radiation Hazard Decals are Highly Visible

We employ latex printing method to generate highly visible full-color graphics that capture attention from a distance.

The radiation symbol decals can last up to two years.

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