Caution Wide Turns Decal (Non Reflective)

Caution Wide Turns Decal (Non Reflective)


Use Caution Wide Turn Signs To Promote Road Safety

  • The signs have pressure-sensitive adhesion.
  • Full-color print on the signs makes them vibrant.
  • Select lamination option to extend the life of the signs.
  • These signs are temperature-resistant and can adapt to different weather.
  • Regulatory road signs feature 100 microns graphic materials.

Self-Adhesive Wide Turn Signs

Motorists should be cautious about approaching junctions on wide highways because long trucks may make a wide turn at the intersection. Use these road safety signs to remind drivers to be alert and maintain a safe lane.

The wide turns signs feature pressure-sensitive adhesion and can stick to many surfaces, including sand cast, moderately rough surfaces and some low surface energy materials.

Full-Color Road Safety Signs Have Lamination Option

Our caution signs have a full-color print that makes them vibrant.

Select lamination option to make these regulatory road signs stay up to 5 years.

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