China Flag

China Flag

  • Preprinted and ready-to-use China flags ideal for convenience.
  • Fabric that is both durable and long-lasting.
  • To match your demands, a variety of custom country flag sizes are available.
  • On both sides, dye-sublimation printing generates bright colors.
  • For ease of maintenance, you can wash the flag by hand or in a machine.

With China Flags, Pay Homage to the Country and Add Patriotic Decor

Ready-to-Use, Customizable Flags

Show pride in your roots by putting up Chinese flags in your home or office room. China flags display the country's distinctive colors and emblem, helping you pay homage to its history and traditions. Use the flags to decorate your residence or get-together location for festivals and events or personalize your space.

Each preprinted flag is ready to use right away and features either pole pockets or grommets for simple hanging and display. As a result, the flags are a good fit for quick use during celebrations, promotions, and festivals.

The one-sided flags are sturdy and long-lasting, made from a 90 grams per square meter (GSM) superior knitted fabric composed of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. The textile is suitable for long-term outdoor exhibition. The flags contain durable fasteners that bind the graphic to the pole for prolonged usage, whether with pole pockets or grommets.

China is only one of the many custom country flags that are available at Best of Signs. Add one or two grommets to the additional 3-inch white cloth pole pocket on the left or right side, depending on your display style.

High-quality Country Flags That Are Easy to Maintain

Dye-sublimation printing produces a colorful, high-grade flag with an authentic look. The one-sided flag has a regular flag design on the front side and a mirrored image on the other with 50 to 60 percent visibility. Chemical dyes create long-lasting, vivid colors so that you can use the flags for years.

The flags are machine-washable, making them easy to clean as needed. To extend the life and integrity of the fabric, hand-wash with mild detergent. The grommet flags are easy to care for and maintain, saving time and effort.

China Flags Are Available in Bulk

Best of Signs Chinese flags come in quantities ranging from two to 500 or more. When ordering country flags in bulk, you'll get a discount, which is a nice bonus for when you need several flags. For individual needs and budgets, there is a variety of shipping choices, like doorstep delivery. With convenient savings and delivery options, we make it simple to show your support for China.

China Flags Are a Great Way to Show Your National Pride

A patriotic decoration of a robust and long-lasting Chinese flag can brighten up any indoor or outdoor environment:

  • Flag cloth with a graphic of 90 GSM
  • 3 inches of white fabric finishing for pole pocket or grommets
  • One-sided printing; mirrored image on the back
  • Flag is both machine- and hand-washable
  • Variation in finish size: Plus/minus 1 inch

Shop for China flags online for your home at Best of Signs. All orders over $99 qualify for free Super Saver Shipping.