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Church Garden Flags

Garden Flags for Modern Ways to Spread the Gospel of the Church

Garden Flags on Ready-Made Templates at a Premium

Churches have a critical role in keeping communities anchored and at peace, particularly in extreme circumstances. In times of upheaval, such as a global epidemic, you should discourage in-person congregation. Our yard flags effectively communicate your church's message to passers-by. Made of soft 90 GSM knit fabric that is resistant to tearing and wrinkling, our flags are ideal for shows and outdoor displays. Dye-sublimation printing is a cutting-edge method that produces high-resolution graphics that are scratch and scrape resistant. We offer pre-designed templates that allow you to make orders quickly and easily.

Personalized Garden Flag is a creative and practical way to announce off-site gatherings

As you use technology, for example YouTube and Facebook, to allow the congregation to celebrate faith, our flags make work easy for you. We become your partner in keeping people informed with our outdoor garden flag. Our flags do a good job at keeping people informed, whether it's about which social media platform you are holding a mass on or the calendar of religious seminars. We included a robust iron pole with each order of our 12 x 18-inch flag to keep it erect and readable. The iron pole's compact design makes it simple to remove and store until the next time.

Buy Garden Flags in Bulk at a Discount

Our outdoor garden flag come in four distinct pre-printed graphics, allowing you to pick the one that best represents your neighborhood. We can customize the free template to contain the church's logo and other relevant information. Depending on how large a community you need to reach, choose between single-reverse or two-sided printing. The other side of the banner displays a mirrored version of the design at 50-60% visibility when you use the single-reverse printing. With discounts available for purchases above two units, you get your money's worth and let the people know of other ways to convene in worship.