Compressed Gas Warning Decal (Non Reflective)

Compressed Gas Warning Decal (Non Reflective)


Encourage Caution with Gas Cylinder Signs

  • Adhesive signs are simple to apply.
  • We print in full color to hold attention easily.
  • The decals feature strong vinyl and paper liners.
  • Our decals can withstand extreme heat and cold.
  • Save money with our long-lasting signs.

High-quality, Easy-to-Use Gas Cylinder Signs

Using equipment with compressed gas cylinders requires a high degree of care and attentiveness. Remind your staff to be safe when handling these devices with our OSHA danger signs.

The adhesive backs of these flammable safety signs make them simple to apply. These safety decals can hold people's attention easily due to their full-color latex prints.

Cold-resistant Vinyl OSHA Danger Signs

Made of vinyl with paper liners, these flammable safety signs can handle most weather conditions. Lamination adds to the scratch resistance of the signs. 

Our gas cylinder signs are safe to expose to extreme hot and cold temperatures.

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