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Concave Flags

  • Available in sizes from 6ft to 14ft
  • Hardware Only - Includes Poles & Base only
  • Easy to setup
  • Graphic Only - Does not include Poles and Base
  • Heavy duty aluminium and steel construction
  • Graphic with Hardware - Includes Poles & Base
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$0.00 $64.50

Templates for Concave Flags

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Made from premium quality polyester that remains in place looking awesome

Wind-proof and weather resistant flags that come with a durable aluminum pole set

Complete customization options to give you an added edge

Make your presence count in tradeshows and corporate events!

When you are participating in a corporate event or a tradeshow, it is important to up your display game so you get maximum attention. At, we are offering all businesses a chance to elevate their appearance at events where they need to standout!

Our concave flags are designed to perfection using the highest quality polyester that lives up to your expectations. These flags have a concave shape that is designed to make it withstand even the strongest of winds so that your message is getting across perfectly. What’s more is that these flags are wind and weather resistant, making your brand look good in the eyes of the customers.

Design concave flags that put you at the centre stage

If you want everyone to notice you at an event, make sure you have installed our concave flags outside your booth. These flags are tall and come with a complete aluminum pole set to make installation and set-up completely hassle-free. What’s vital is that these flags are shaped in such a way that they are guaranteed to capture maximum attention.

You also have complete freedom to design a flag that meets your brand’s needs and fits well with your promotional message!

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