Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Garden Flags

Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Garden Flags

  • Ready-to-use garden flags are ideal prompts to spread the word.
  • The flags maintain durability even with prolonged outdoor use.
  • High-quality printing offers good readability.
  • Choose between single or double-sided flag options.

Call Attention to Safety Prerequisites Through Coronavirus Garden Flags

Premium-Quality Garden Flags Provide Maximum Longevity

To avoid the transmission of infectious diseases, your institution requires ways to communicate critical safety signals. Our Coronavirus Health Alert garden flags are an effective tool as the signs show the need for preventive steps to customers and passersby.

Including durable 90 gram per square meter (GSM) knitted fabric, the garden flags maintain maximum longevity. Installation requires an abrasion-resistant iron pole for steadiness. Our outdoor garden flags are strong enough to withstand prolonged sun exposure and weathering.

We offer premium quality graphics because of quality sublimation printing methods. The process includes the incorporation of vibrant colors and crisp fonts for clear communication through the sublimation garden flags.

We aim to facilitate your plan of asking visitors to halt if they experience symptoms of any degree. Our preprinted awareness flags also spare you the time and effort that goes into designing such comprehensive tools.

Outdoor Garden Flags Offer Customization and Convenient Installation

Our flags give you the option of choosing between single and double-sided prompts to suit your interest. The single-sided flags offer 50% to 60% visibility of the mirror-image of the visuals at the back, while the double-sided prompts hold more information with crisp graphics on both sides. The scope for customization gives you the option to explore and select what's best for your facility.

The outdoor garden flags do not require extra accessories for installation, making assembly super easy. You glide the iron pole inside the flag before the final display.

Purchase Garden Flags in Bulk to Unlock Discounts

These sublimation garden flags come with exciting discount offers. Choose shipping and doorstep delivery options as per your budget and delivery speed requirements. We offer exciting discounts with bulk purchasing for you to amplify your revenues.

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