Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Metal Frames

Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Metal Frames

  • Communicate effectively with Coronavirus Stop Here metal frames. 
  • Corflute material resists wear and tear effectively.
  • Using full-color UV printing results in higher-quality graphics
  • Buy multiple frames and get a cost-saving bulk discount. 

Directing Guests is Simple With 'Coronavirus Stop Here' Metal Sign Frames

Stop Here Signs Comprise Sturdy Corflute for Outdoor Use

If you need clear visual communication to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens, it's necessary to alert others. Our customizable outdoor sign frames are the ideal way to advise your visitors to halt in case of any symptoms. Our signs allow you to encapsulate your message in a sturdy frame while reminding viewers to take safety precautions to prevent the spread of airborne diseases and pathogens.

Made with sturdy polypropylene, combined with an 890 GSM weight and corflute graphics, our signs are ideal to use outdoors. Because of the full color 600 DPI print, the graphics on our metal sign frames are of exceptional quality. The visuals are bright and crisp, making the message visible from a distance. Our UV printing method ensures that the graphics last for a long time. The signs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The signs are simple to install, position, and reposition to meet your needs. Display the signs in entryways or prominent outdoor locations so that your visitors can quickly see the informative metal frames and know to stop in case of symptoms.

Customizable and Affordable Health Alert Signs

Metal sign frames are available with a variety of customization options, including graphics, the number of printed panels, and frame options. Depending on the needs, you can choose one or both sides. If you already own the graphic, you can opt to buy just the frame. If the message requirements change, you can replace the existing corflute panels with new advertising panels while retaining the frame. With the customization options, there is something for everyone.

Multiple shipping options and door-to-door delivery make purchasing stop coronavirus metal frames simple and convenient. Depending on your budget and the required delivery speed, you can select whichever shipping option you prefer.

Get Bulk Discounts When Ordering Our Metal Frames

We allow you to buy products in quantities ranging from 2 to over 100 A-frames. You can also get up to a 20% discount on our outdoor sign frames if you buy in bulk.

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