Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Signicade Black


Follow the Procedure With Coronavirus Health Alert Signicade Signs

  • Direct guests accordingly with Coronavirus health alert signicades.
  • Browse through our customization options for signage.
  • Select one or two printed panels.
  • Signicades are accessible easily via a variety of shipping methods.

Place Signicade Signs in Hotspots for Optimal Visibility

In pandemic times, you're looking for ways to keep symptomatic people away to curb the spread of diseases. The installation of health alert signicades instructs people experiencing symptoms not to go beyond a certain point. This aids in preventing the spread of illness to others, who may then spread it further.

Our custom signicade signs are self-contained so that you can install the signs wherever you need them easily. A molded-in handle at the top and lightweight construction make the signs easily portable as well. Hook and loop fasteners help to attach printed graphic panels to the signicade securely.

The Coroplast material makes black signicades strong, suitable for both outdoor settings. If used outside, fill the hollow frame with sand to serve as ballast in windy conditions. Our signicades are suitable to remain in place for extended periods of time without requiring additional maintenance.

Choose between a signicade A-frame by itself to customize according to your needs or with preprinted health alert graphics. Select the graphic only for another location that meets your safety requirements. With the customization options, it's easy to convey the message that visitors experiencing viral symptoms should not proceed.

Superior Quality Plastic Signicade Signs

Vibrant and colorful graphics incorporate a digital UV printing process. Bold text is easy to read at a glance for easy visibility as guests are approaching.

For simplified delivery, we ship each signicade sign in a single box. Our signs include multiple shipping options available to fit the varying budget needs.

Buy Our Signicades at Discounted Rates

Order a single black signicade or several for placement at various entry points throughout your building. Quantities range from 2 to over 100, allowing you to stay on budget while still following safe practices.

Purchase black Coronavirus health alert signicades for your organization online at Best of Signs.

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