Due to Covid-19 Take Out Curbside Available Garden Flags

Due to Covid-19 Take Out Curbside Available Garden Flags

  • Printed ready-to-use flags save time.
  • Sublimation printing was used to create this piece, which has great readability and vibrant images.
  • Installation is simple and requires no additional tools.
  • Consider doorstep delivery of these garden flags. 

Covid-10 Only Takeout Garden Flags Notify Your Customers

Garden Flags with Bright Yellow Graphics are Easy to Notice

Many businesses are transitioning to providing takeaway and curbside food pickup to prevent the danger of developing an infection. Our curbside signs are practical communication tools if you want to get the word out to your present or new clients about providing curbside collection service. The flags available are effective in reaching out to your neighborhood and passers-by. 

Our takeaway signs feature high-quality pictures generated with sublimation printing techniques, which produce smooth color variations by allowing ink to sink into the surface as a gas rather than sitting as isolated dots on top of the object. As a result, the signs stand out because of their brilliant colors and clear language, which makes the signs easy to read even from a distance. This draws the attention of automobiles and pedestrians, bringing in more consumers and increasing your return on investment.

Curbside takeout signs are available from Best of Signs in two different print options: single-sided and double-sided. This customization option enables you to get a product that is specifically tailored to your requirements. Single-sided printed flags reveal the designs on the backside as a mirrored image with 50-60 percent visibility, however, graphics printed on both sides help you distribute more information.

Our drive-thru flags are easy to install without the use of any additional tools. All you have to do is insert the accompanying iron pole into the fabric, and the garden flag will be ready to use.

Simple Handling of Takeout Signs

Because the curbside signs are lightweight, the signs are simple to put and reposition as needed. Because you may reuse the notifications in multiple locations, the signs become cost-effective advertising tools.

The pre-printed feature included with printed signage allows for a quick selection and order placement process. This saves you time and work of self-designing. You can rapidly get the word out to your local community because the signs are ready to use, preventing income loss and keeping loyal consumers happy.

Easy-to-Order Garden Flags

The takeout signs are easy to get and enable convenient doorstep delivery. We offer multiple shipping alternatives based on your budget and the speed with which you require the products. 

Best of Signs has Covid-19 Takeout Curbside Available Garden Flags for your need.