Due to Covid-19 Take Out Curbside Available Signicade White

Due to Covid-19 Take Out Curbside Available Signicade White


With Covid-19 Curbside Signicades, You Can Control Traffic Inside Your Enterprise

  • Signicades comprise heavy-duty coroplast material for long-lasting use.
  • Sharp UV printing produces vibrant images.
  • Select from a variety of personalization possibilities.
  • The signs are easy to relocate for convenience.
  • An environment-friendly printing procedure doesn't release solvent.

White Signicades Made from Thick Coroplast

When public health is an issue, micro-ventures look for ways to generate money while keeping the number of people within their interior facilities to a minimum. The micro-business also wants to reach out and reassure clients that services will continue to be provided and that the organization is flexible. Our take-out-only restaurant signs inform guests to order online or over the phone and have the meal delivered at the doorstep. It's also an excellent method to keep consumers happy and assure a steady stream of cash.

Our curbside signs feature a thick, durable coroplast that withstands the environment and shows just minor indications of wear. The printed graphic is safe from the elements by being placed in a recessed location. Our white signicades are waterproof and shockproof, so they can withstand impact and rain without corroding or absorbing moisture. This toughness ensures long-term use, lowering replacement costs and increasing your return on investment.

Customers notice full-color digital UV printing on curbside pickup and takeout only signage because of the vivid and vibrant colors. The lettering is crisp and sharply polished, and it contrasts dramatically against the background color for better legibility whether consumers arrive by foot or car, broadening your customer base.

To match your restaurant's needs and serve guests, customize curbside signs freely. Get A-frame signicades without the graphic, allowing you to customize it with a new graphic. Another option is to order just the graphic and mount it on your own display or in a pre-existing plastic signicade.

Take-Out Only Signs are Lightweight

A molded-in handle at the top allows for one-handed pickup and movement to a new place or storage. After pre-drilling holes, well-nuts and bolts can secure the sign to the frame. Because of the hollow body, you can fill the signs with ballasting sand to keep the signs in place on the sidewalk even in winds. The signs are portable, so you can place them wherever you need them, allowing reuse.

The printing process does not release solvent into the atmosphere for our white signs. This enables micro-businesses to claim that they are selecting a socially and environment-responsible product that reduces their carbon footprint.

White Signicades are Pre-Assembled

There's no need to upload or customize a design when you have a pre-designed image and text. The signage is ready to construct and display, preventing income loss by alerting customers to the takeout and curbside options right away.

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