Covid-19 Prevention Wash your Hands Indoor Floor Mats

Covid-19 Prevention Wash your Hands Indoor Floor Mats

  • Printed floor mats made of durable coral fleece.
  • Using a preprinted message saves time and money.
  • For a professional and visible appearance, these mats have a strong contrast and quality.
  • There are two sizes of signs available.
  • Mats are lightweight and can go wherever you want guests to see the message.

Wash Your Hands Indoor Floor Mats Communicate Health Information

Indoor Floor Mats Are of High Quality, Long Lasting, and Adaptable

People are looking for new ways to ensure that visitors and staff keep their hands clean and are aware of surroundings to avoid transmitting infections. Despite the need for communication in some situations, you cannot keep track of everyone inside your facilities. You can use printed floor mats to convey a message, politely reminding your guests to keep the surroundings clean.

Our wash your hands signs feature a flat pad of coral fleece with a non-woven background. Because of the 10mm thickness, they're ideal as floor mats. The rugs will stay in place thanks to the attached grippers on the reverse side. It extends the life of the informative mats, allowing you to save money over time.

The preventive signs have a resolution of 1440 dots per inch (dpi), which ensures sharp and clear visuals. Guests will notice the mats because of the high-quality dye-sublimation printing and bold black stripes. Guests can read the bold wording and comprehend the meaning without pausing, thanks to the high contrast font.

The two sizes of adjustable custom floor mats are great for doorways, corridors, and entrances as well as in front of sinks. We print the message large enough for passersby to read clearly on either size of mat.

Wash Your Hands Signs Are Ready to Go and Portable

Because our preventive signs are lightweight, you can pick up and move it around as needed, enhancing your return on investment. The high-quality construction and the small size makes storage convenient until it's time to use it again.

We neatly printed the wash your hands message right on the mat, and the ready-to-use custom floor mats come with a preprinted message out of the box. Save time and money by using ready-made health messaging rather than creating your own. You can put the mats down immediately upon instant communication to staff and visitors.

Choose Indoor Floor Mats in Bulk

Best of Signs creates preventative signs and floor mats for any size or scope of the project. If you order more than one of the same mat, you'll save money per mat, thanks to our large bulk discounts, which applies to all orders from two to 500 mats. A variety of shipping options are available, allowing you to prioritize cost or speed to expedite delivery to your area. Choose our doorstep delivery option if you need the mats right away.

Purchase COVID-19 Prevention Wash Hands Indoor Floor Mats online at Best of Signs. All orders over $99 qualify for free Super Saver Shipping.