Covid-19 Screening This Way Vinyl Posters

Covid-19 Screening This Way Vinyl Posters


Provide Directions Using COVID-19 Screening Vinyl Posters

  • The vinyl material is quite sturdy and lasts a long time.
  • Our high-quality printing ensures sharp pictures and clear visibility.
  • Personalized white vinyl banners are also available.
  • Use biodegradable ink for a minimal impact on the environment.
  • Our printed posters are ready to use.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

High-Quality Vinyl Posters with Full-Color Prints

It's difficult to navigate in a crowded place, resulting in the potential transmission of infectious diseases. Directing people to the screening test sites is essential in areas with large gatherings. Our hospital signs pointing in the correct direction help individuals find accurate directions and therefore lower the chances of disease transmission.

These 'this way' signs posters feature 100 microns vinyl, which makes them highly durable in harsh weather. The water-resistant quality of the material makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

The 720-DPI print resolution ensures sharp pictures, guaranteeing the readability of the message from a distance. Full-color printing yields vivid finishes with a broad spectrum of colors, helping grab the attention of passersby and convey the exact location of screening tests.

We can customize full-color posters to suit your needs better. Go with a size that best fits your requirements or choose custom dimensions. To extend the life of the posters, we offer printing with lamination and UV biodegradable inks. There are several accessory options to assist with the installation procedure.

Eco-Conscious Printed Posters

Our direction posters are pre-printed with direction arrows pointing towards the screening stations. These advancements enable the early identification of infectious illnesses, resulting in lower cases of infections.

Caring for the environment is a common concern amongst individuals. We employ eco-solvent printing to make sure our full-color 'this way' signs are environment-friendly, reduces carbon footprint while also helping you fulfill your social responsibility.

Get Rebates When Buying Vinyl Banners in Volume

Enjoy exclusive discounts when you purchase in bulk. Order up to 500 hospital signs and increase cost reductions. This helps you meet your printing needs while also keeping your spending in check.

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