Covid-19 Temporary Closure Signicade Black

Covid-19 Temporary Closure Signicade Black

  • We make the signicades of Coroplast, which is a long-lasting and sturdy material.
  • Full-color digital ultraviolet (UV) printing produces vibrant colors and legible text.
  • You can customize the signs with a variety of printing options.
  • Lightweight portable with a hollow body and molded handle.
  • Signicades come fully assembled and ready to display right out of the box.

Black Signicades Inform Customers About Temporary Closure

Keep Businesses Going with Covid-19 Temporary Closure Black Signicades 

Sites often need to close temporarily for safety concerns. It's necessary to communicate with customers about the status updates while providing an alternative to keep income flowing throughout the closure. These signicades serve as a reminder that the company's web presence is still active.

Black signicades are made of 4mm Coroplast and are strong and long-lasting. Coroplast is a product of polypropylene, which gives it a neutral pH and makes it resistant to a wide variety of temperatures, and continuous exposure to the sun. Coroplast's corrugated structure adds strength and durability.

On the front of the black signicades, the full-color digital UV printing creates brilliant, vibrant colors and intelligible text. People arriving on foot or by car will find the messaging simple to read, giving people plenty of time to absorb the information. For a neat appearance, we kept the colors consistent across the sign in front. UV printing avoids smudges, ensuring that the sign is legible even when wet.

Consider one or two printed panels facing the customer flow for better exposure. Get the graphic to add to your own display, or choose the frame only to display a personalized message. Choose a text-only print or add a graphic for more visual interest.

Portable and Ready-to-Use Sorry Temporarily Closed Sign

Custom signicades have a hollow body that makes them lightweight and portable. When folding the signs, an opening at the top acts as a handle for carrying the signs to a designated spot. These features make it simple to move and rearrange as needed.

Black signicades arrive completely built and ready to use right away, saving you time and allowing you to comply with health and safety laws by rapidly shutting down operations. You don't have to think about what your message should say because of our pre-designed texts and visuals. 

Black Signicades in Bulk with a Variety of Purchase Options

Order black signicades in bulk and save money on large orders, a handy alternative that meets the demands and budgets of multi-location establishments. Multiple shipping options are available. 

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