Critter Crossing Aluminum Sign (HIP Reflective)

Critter Crossing Aluminum Sign (HIP Reflective)


Warn Drivers of Hazards with Wildlife Crossing Signs

  • These signs feature rustproof aluminum.
  • The laminated signs can resist scratches.
  • Reflective materials make the signs easy to see.
  • Using the signs long-term can reduce costs.
  • We use digital prints to grab attention.

Corrosion and Scratch-Proof Wildlife Crossing Signs

You should have clear signage on any road that is likely to have animals moving across it. Warn drivers to keep an eye out for wildlife on the road with our slow down signs.

The animal safety signs can easily resist corrosion due to the aluminum used to make them.

Our deer crossing signs feature added topcoats that help add abrasion resistance.

Reflective Slow Down Signs with Good Longevity

These animal safety signs are reflective and easy to see from a distance.

Use these wildlife crossing signs over the course of several years to save costs.

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