Cross Base

Cross Base

  • Quick opening & folding structure, convenient to use.
  • Leg length is 38 cm and weight 3.2kg.
  • Ideal for use on hard surfaces.
  • Work best with a variety of flags.

Our Cross Base has a Strong Base with a Leg Length of 38cms

Looking to put up banners either inside or outside your eateries, sports bars, or any other business, medical, or recreational organizations? Our high-grade cross base that provides a sound base for a variety of flags and banners is the ideal choice.

The leg length of our metal cross base is 38 cm and the weight is 3.2kg. The OD of the steel stick is 14mm. The length of the spindle is 80mm and its OD is 15.9mm. A strong base such as this makes our cross base well suited for greater and firmer stability.

The 2 pieces of wear-resisting rubber ring on the spindle ensure that the pole and base have a close fit. They work to make the cross base more durable. The leg length of our cross base is 14.5” (4nos) and ground clearance is 55mm. The base diameter is 13.5mm and the holder diameter is 16.5mm.

The patented locking structure inside the cross base works to make sure that the ball bearing remains tightly locked and does not come loose on rotating. All these features extend the service life of the base. The CNC solid metal head of the cross base also ensures there’s enough strength of the base under the additional weight.

Our Cross Base Works Well with a Variety of Flags

Our cross base works best with a variety of flags. These include feather flags that are shaped like a bird’s feather and teardrop flags that are also referred to as teardrop flag banners.

The list also includes the lightweight blade flags and pinpoint flags. Sharkfin flags, concave flags, and L flags are also perfect to display on our cross base. It gives all these flags and banners firm support when placed at outdoor events or kept around at expos, trade shows, or other such events.

Our Cross Base are Easy to Open & Fold

The quick-opening-and-folding structure of the cross base makes it very convenient for use. You can order for any number of our cross base.