Curbside Pick Up Only Signicade Black

Curbside Pick Up Only Signicade Black

  • Guide your customers with Curbside Pick-Up Only signicades. 
  • Full-color ultraviolet (UV) printing results in fade-free prints
  • Select a single panel or two panels for extra visibility. 
  • Printing procedure doesn't emit solvents into the air; signs are environment-friendly.

Supply Restaurants with Curbside Pick Up Only Signicades

Black Signicades Use UV Printing to Resist Fading

Service-oriented enterprises are looking for strategies to stay afloat as social alienation becomes the new standard in everyone's life. Merchants who have shut down their physical stores to the public require innovative solutions to continue operating safely. Curbside pick-up signs alert consumers to the new arrangement, and also online purchasing. Customers appreciate the convenience of contactless delivery because it saves time while maintaining safety. This enables buyers to pick up their goods at a convenient spot while maintaining a safe distance.

Our drive-thru signs have 4mm Coroplast graphic panels and black molded plastic frames for added rigidity. The graphic panels keep the signage looking clean for a long period.

Full-color digital UV printing produces a glossy finish that gives a sheen to your images since the UV inks sit on the surface. This sort of printing also includes a range of vibrant colors, which makes the images on signs clear. This draws attention to your message, guaranteeing that the majority of passersby see it.

Customization options are available to help you adapt your order to meet your exact needs. If you already have an A-frame, order the graphic panel, or order the frame alone. If you plan to install plastic signicades next to a wall, you can have one printed panel or two printed panels, which will help maximum exposure to your message.  

Pick-Up Only Signs are Environment-Friendly 

To avoid releasing solvents into the air, we employ an environment-friendly printing procedure on the black signs. This ensures that the signage is long-lasting, allowing you to fulfill both environment-conscious employees and ethical obligations.

Our printed signs are lightweight and come with a top handle for easy transport. This enables you to move the signs in areas where they will be visible by most, resulting in more effective communication. Because the signs are portable, you may reuse them at a different place, making a one-time investment that helps you save money on advertising.

Black Signicades Offer Bulk Discounts

Inform customers you offer curbside pick-up and online ordering while saving on costs by ordering multiple signicades. This gives you a discount as a reward.

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