Curbside Pick Up Only Signicade White

Curbside Pick Up Only Signicade White

  • Made of durable material, 'pick up only' signs are long-lasting.
  • Digital UV printing makes white signicades stand out. 
  • We make signs with environment-friendly ink.
  • The signicades are ready to use, saving your time and effort in the design process.

Curbside Signs Designate Outdoor Restaurant Areas for Food Pick-Up Clearly

Glossy Printing on Curbside Pickup Signs Increases Their Visibility

Customers who wish to pick up the purchases outside the shop need a simple and effective way to do so. Our restaurant signs communicate the message in a clear and appealing manner. Place the signs in front to show drivers where to park when picking up to-go orders. The signs free up parking spaces for dine-in customers and direct passers-by to call your place and order online, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

We print the drive-thru signs' graphics on a 36 inch x 24 inch x 4 mm Coroplast panel. The 4 mm material is thick and durable, but it's lightweight. Our weather-resistant signage can survive a variety of conditions and you can use it in almost any region. The recessed sign area helps to protect the face of the sign, resulting in a longer lifespan and lower ad expenditure.

Our A frame signicades have a sleek and professional style due to the glossy, colorful printing. People can readily see and read the message, even from a distance, because of the high-quality visuals. The signs attract attention with bright and vibrant colors and bold lettering, resulting in increased engagement with your brand and a higher return on investment.

You have the choice of customizing either the graphics, or both the artwork and the sign frame. For a larger reach, you can purchase graphics on either side or both the back and front. You may quickly let clients know where to pick up products by selecting the choices.

Drive-Thru Signs That are Eco-Friendly and Portable

We release no chemicals into the atmosphere during the printing process, so our drive-thru signage is environment-safe. It helps you to appear sustainable and socially responsible, which will please environment-conscious clients and employees.

Transport and move signicades easily because of the lightweight and the signs also include a carrying handle on the top. Post the signs outside your new storefront if your organization's address changes. 

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