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Curbside / Takeout / Delivery / Drive Thru Signicade Black

Black Portable Sign Stand with UV Printing

Durable and Lightweight Pick Up Only Signs

Effective marketing materials are critical for anyone, especially if it offers contactless sales. We provide a long-lasting solution as lightweight 2 x 3-foot signs that guide clients through hands-free transactions while also advertising. Made of black molded plastic, the signs are simple to lift, set up, and remove for repositioning or improved visibility. For effective communication, look through the different signs available, including curbside, takeaway, delivery, and drive-thru signs. Choose the signs that suit your purpose.

Portable Sign Stands With UV Print Quality That Are Relevant and Easy to Manage

The tops of our movable signs include handles, allowing for effortless movement from one location to another. The black molded plastic is tough and can withstand a variety of outdoor weather. Our signs feature a coroplast material for long-lasting resilience and removes the need for frequent repairs, making this investment worthwhile. Order premium quality signs for your booth to make your communication more efficient. Because of the high-quality UV printing, the signs are suitable for outdoor use. We use full-color digital UV ink to print the Coroplast graphic panels to giving a dynamic appearance. Choose a design that is appropriate for your purpose.

Easy to Use Custom Signicade Portable Sign Stand that has been pre-printed

We have an extensive selection of ready-to-use takeout and delivery signage for you to choose from. The pre-printed signs come with pre-designed graphic designs, allowing you to save time and money by not having to do the design yourself. To make our layouts clear and easy to read, we use large font and bold colors. The portable sign stand features a hook-and-loop fastener to attach to the stand, making setup and assembly a breeze. Our signs are 18 pounds and you may ballasted it with sand for firmness in place even in high winds. Do you need to cover an extensive region with several signs? If you order over one unit of the same sign, you will receive a discount.