Curve Pillow Case Backdrop

Curve Pillow Case Backdrop


Great alternative to standard backwall displays

  • Seamless printing
  • Excellent for Tadeshow displays
  • Zipper on half of the bottom and half of the right side

Whether it is a birthday bash or a high-end social event, a Curve Pillow Case Backdrop adds a zing to the occasion. Make your guests feel like a celebrity on the red carpet by opting for our Cheap Curve Pillow Case Backdrop. The best part about doing business with us is the amount of personalization that we add to every order, so that our Curve Pillow Case Backdrop becomes a completely Custom Curve Pillow Case Backdrop!

The following are some reasons why choosing a Curve Pillow Case Backdrop for your next event might be a good idea:

Say Goodbye to the Glare

Our Curve Pillow Case Backdrop is glare-free, so it will not ruin your photos; no matter how bright the flash is. A smooth matte finish makes our Curve Pillow Case Backdrop the perfect choice for photo-ops. We understand that good memories are precious.

Customize it As You See Fit

We offer a Custom Curve Pillow Case Backdrop for every red carpet worthy event. From charity galas, to fashion shows, and even press conferences. Kick it up a notch with a personalized and Custom Curve Pillow Case Backdrop. Choose from between multiple sizes to the one that suits you best.

Make your Event Colorful

Vibrant color and high-resolution detail make our Curve Pillow Case Backdrop - and your event - glitter like the jewel it is.

Save Money, and Get Real Value for What you Spend

Shopping with us is always a bargain, when you purchase a Cheap Curve Pillow Case Backdrop together with a size-adjustable stand; you end up saving even more.

Send Us the Image

Not looking for a complicated design but simply want your iconic logo pattern emphasized on the Curve Pillow Case Backdrop? Have no fear; upload your image and we will take care of the rest.

Push Buttons, Zippers, Aluminum Tube Frames - You Name it, We Got it

Show up to your event armed with just a smile because the Custom Curve Pillow Case Backdrop that you order from us has a circular lightweight aluminum tube frame. With the help of push buttons, snap it together in under 10 minutes! Stretch the fabric over the frame and close the hidden zipper for a seamless, wrinkle-free eye catching look.

Why go for the boring old standard back wall display when there is a great alternative that is cheap and easy to order? Do not miss our Cheap Curve Pillow Case Backdrop!

  • A Custom Curve Pillow Case Backdrop will add style and attract attention when used in a marketing campaign.
  • For a freestanding, streamlined exhibition stand that will add a professional element to any trade show or corporate presentation, a Curve Pillow Case Backdrop will make for flawless banner presentation.

Transform your event into a unique exclusive and buzz-worthy occasion by ordering a Curve Pillow Case Backdrop from us. A few clicks and you are done ordering!