Custom Bucket Hat

Custom Bucket Hat


Unisex Custom Bucket Hats are Stylish & Functional

  • Made from superior-quality, 100% cotton twill material.
  • Available in five different colors for a premium look.
  • Can be embroidered with your name, text, & logo.
  • Personalized embroidery offers up to six thread colors.
  • Features 2" W x 1.5" H embroidery area.

100% Cotton Twill Material Makes Custom Bucket Hats Durable & Long-Lasting

Throughout history, bucket hats have been a functional accessory – worn initially by Irish fishermen and farmers to shield them from rain, sun, and damaging UV rays. Featuring a continuous rim, they not only protect your face from sunburn but cover all other bases equally. Lately, these hats have gained precedence in the fashion sector, owing to their trendy and casual-looking design.

For the evergreen 90's kid look, you can wear hats with your denims, sneakers, plain T-shirts, and even printed ones! Moreover, you can seamlessly blend the flawless design of a bucket hat with something more contemporary, like a long coat with basics underneath. At Best of Signs, our top-quality hats are easy to launder, pack in a bag or stuff in your pocket and carry on the go.

Our premium-quality custom bucket hats are made from highly resilient, lightweight, and long-lasting 100% cotton twill material. The twill weave pattern of the material is made by passing one weft thread over two warp threads to create diagonal ribs. Our distinctive weaving pattern protects the hats from wrinkling while ensuring it does not catch stains easily.

For a casual outing with friends or a pool party, pair these hats with your outfit; they'll look stunning. Available in attractive hues like blue, red, yellow, black, and white, bucket hats look flawless when paired with contrasting-colored apparel. Moreover, team them up with your uber-cool shades and bling accessories like a tote bag to add a cherry to the top!

Get Any Text Embroidered on Your Fisherman’s Hat

Want to make a never seen before fashion statement while heading out? At Best of Signs, we allow you to personalize your hat with your name, text, or even brand logo. Our delicate, elegant, and personalized embroidery elevates the look and feel of your hat.

You can either submit your artwork consisting of your text on our website or use our easy-to-use online designing tool to create your design. Offering up to six thread colours, our embroidery looks striking and eye-catching. We provide a 2" W x 1.5" H printing area for embroidery, so your name remains noticeable.

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