Custom Canopy Tents


Custom Canopy Tents Are Long-Lasting

When at trade shows or other events, you would like you and your belongings to be safe from sun and rain. Brand promotion is equally important on such occasions. Use aluminum frame custom tents so you can do your business in a protected space while having dependable signage that promotes your business clearly. 

Our fabric canopy tents are resilient and tear-proof. The toppers on aluminum frames make it difficult for the tents to blow over. These customizable event tents & custom canopy tent 10x10 continue to stay up indefinitely to establish your territory at public events. 

Shield products and equipment from the elements of nature with custom canopy tent toppers. Depending on what you're offering, tents with fabric toppers ensure your assets remain dry, cool, and in top condition until the event is over.

There are several customization options to consider for your adjustable event tents. If you opt to include a graphic, you can upload it or use the design tool to create it from scratch. These custom tents come in lengths of either 10 or 20 feet. You can also choose to include or exclude a sandbag, flag holder, fabric walls, and a travel bag.

Portable and Easy-to-Clean Fabric Custom Tents

Frames can collapse into a condensed size to make your canopy tents portable. Opt for our wheeled travel bag in your order and cart both the frame and topper with ease. This bag allows you to take your adjustable canopy tents anywhere so you can save them for upcoming events.

Cleaning the aluminum frame tents is simple with clean water, non-detergent soap, and a soft sponge. Maintain your canopy tents with no solutions or appliances.

Order Custom Canopy Tents to Receive Discounts

Receive a bulk quantity discount when ordering two or more adjustable tents. The more canopy tents you order, the more the price per tent reduces. Should you need multiple customized tents for events, this is how you can save money.

Shop custom canopy tents for your events online at Best of Signs.