Custom Dress Shirt – Pink

Custom Dress Shirt – Pink

  • Fabric is made of a blend of 75% polyester and 25% cotton.
  • Available in multiple size options.
  • Can be personalized with the brand’s name, logo, artwork, or design.
  • Features long sleeves.
  • Comes with embroidered logo, text, or design above the pocket in 4 X 2 inches area size.

Men’s Pink Dress Shirts Made of Polycotton Fabric

Looking for an effective yet cost-effective marketing strategy to bring your brand to the fore? BannerBuzz’s custom dress shirts bearing the name and logo of your company can be your walking billboards. Your employees, friends, or customers adorning your branded shirts can prove to be a direct advertising tool to reach out to potential buyers and increase brand awareness. Besides being a great promotional tactic, the custom dress shirts help build team unity within the company and pave way for happy workplaces. In addition, the dress shirts are a great gifting option for they are reusable, last longer, and don't get tossed away in the bin after one use.

Our men’s pink dress shirts are made of the polycotton fabric. The blend of 75% polyester and 25% cotton lends the optimum strength and breathability to the fabric, making our custom dress shirts a year-round garment. Best for branding, the crease-free fabric helps make your brand name and logo starkly visible. The smooth touch finish of the fabric endows it with a premium look and makes it the best fit for both formal and semi-formal settings.

Available in a pink hue, our custom shirts can jazz up any wardrobe besides being a perfect base color for your brand name or logo to stand out. The interesting color attracts the eye which further helps build ROI. Our pink dress shirts for men feature long sleeves, making them versatile enough to suit different age groups and occasions.

Highly durable, the fabric of our pink dress shirts comes with a warranty of up to 25 washes. You can easily extend the durability of our custom shirts by adhering to the easy care instructions. It is recommended to not wash the shirts in hot water or using bleach agents. For best care, only use non-chlorine bleach and very mild detergents, and tumble dry the shirts instead of drying them directly in the sun.

Personalize Pink Dress Shirts for Men To Boost Your Business

Bring your business’ unique identity to the fore by getting the custom dress shirts for men personalized with your brand name, logo, text, or artwork. Tap on the potential buyers by advertising your brand with this profitable marketing strategy. At BannerBuzz, we understand how important branding is, therefore we offer exclusive service to personalize the items according to your specifications so that your USPs help stand out your product.

With the simple step of uploading the name, logo, text, or artwork of your choice on our website, you can easily personalize the shirts. You can even design the artwork yourself by using the tools and following the simple instructions given on our website. Once you upload or submit the design, we get it embroidered in the colors you have asked for on the front side of the shirt. We strategically embroider the logo, name, or text within the 4 X 2 inches areas above the pocket to offer maximum visibility to your brand and increase ROI.

Pink Dress Shirts are Available in Multiple Sizes

Catering to a wider range of choices and body types, our custom dress shirts come in multiple size options. Now picking the right shirt that offers a precise fit won’t be a hassle as we offer seven different sizes from small to 4XL. Starting from 36 inches, our inventory includes custom shirts in the sizes 38 inches, 40 inches, 42 inches, 44 inches, 46 inches and 48 inches. Order now to capitalize on this lucrative marketing strategy and increase your customer base.

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