Custom Inflatable Tube Man

Custom Inflatable Tube Man

  • Inflatable tube men work well at festivals, trade shows, and storefronts.
  • Choose from three different sizes.
  • Single-color and multicolor options are available.
  • A blower inflates the air dancers quickly.
  • Add your custom text and graphics for a unique touch.

Custom Inflatable Tube Man Dancers for Parties and Marketing

Advertising Inflatable Tube Men With Bright Prints

Businesses invest heavily to advertise in high-competition settings, such as trade shows and busy storefronts. To attract customers, you need an outside-the-box method to capture the popular imagination. With an imposing physique and wacky antics, custom inflatable tube men can help attract traffic to your business. Install them outside your shop to raise awareness about a new sale, or use them to welcome guests to a party. 

We use dye-sublimation printing to etch the ink onto the tube fabric. The ink resists fading, making it suitable for long festival tours. The bold letters and graphics stand out to complement the funny moves of your wacky waving inflatable tube men.

Featuring an inflatable design, the tube men occupy little space during transport and storage. They have a small footprint, so they support installation in tight spaces on streets and trade fair corridors. Each dummy is machine washable in front-loading washers. You can also clean the fabric with soap and water.

Our tube men have a high-strength polyamide nylon silk core, which resists fraying. A tarpaulin layer enables stretching to prevent ripping. The materials hold up well in sunlight and rain, so they support use in places with weather extremes.

Customize Your Inflatable Dancing Men 

Choose from nine different colors to create a tube man that showcases your brand identity. You can create single-color designs for a uniform setup. Consider selecting a different color for the arms and hair to create a flamboyant design for children's events. 

Our design tools let you add text to the front and back to amplify your marketing message. Choose from three different sizes to set your awareness campaign in motion. High-quality blowers are available to help you set up fast.

Wholesale Prices for Custom Inflatable Tube Men 

There are no minimum or maximum order requirements for our customers. We expedite our production and shipping to help you achieve your goals. All orders for two sets or more attract bulk discounts.

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