Custom Inflatable Tube

Custom Inflatable Tube


Build a Strong Brand With Inflatable Air Tubes

  • Strong polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin used for reinforcement.
  • Customize by selecting graphics, hair color, text color, and body text.
  • Dye-sublimation printing provides vibrant, permanent colors.
  • Get a bulk discount when you order multiple inflatable tubes.

Market Effectively Using Inflatable Air Tubes

When you don't market your events effectively, you may not get enough customers come to your local business or trade show stand. Successful marketing involves using eye-catching and engaging methods. Our inflatable tubes are an excellent choice. They create curiosity and bring in traffic.

We use high-strength polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin for durability and flexibility. We construct the bottom sections of the inflatables with 600D PVC/nylon, which provides stability to keep the tube men in place.

The inflatable air tubes come in heights of 10 and 20 feet with diameters of 12 and 18 inches. Choose the sizes that have the most impact on potential and existing customers as they browse the streets around your store.

Our dye-sublimation printing provides bright colors with stunning graphics. The printing does not degrade, crack, or flake with use, so your wacky inflatable tubes remain looking good over long periods.

Stand Out With Advertising Inflatable Tubes

Customize the inflatable tubes according to your advertising requirements. Add graphics, body color, hair color, body text, and text color. If you would like to add artwork, you can upload it online. You can also opt to add an air blower if don't have this essential piece of equipment for inflatables.

It's simple to keep your inflatables clean. Either use a front-loading washing machine or wash by hand with mild detergent. Hang the inflatables outside to dry.

Get Bulk Discounts for Inflatable Air Tubes

Order multiple units of inflatable tubes to undertake impactful marketing and get a bulk discount. Four tiers of bulk discounts reward customers who buy more inflatables in a single order.

Shop custom inflatable tubes for your organization online at Best of Signs.