Printed Matte Paper Bags

Printed Matte Paper Bags


Printed Matte Paper Bags are Ideal Packaging Materials for Retail Business

  • Features 170 GSM or 300 GSM art paper for a sleek look.
  • Comes in different sizes & colors to suit your needs.
  • Comprises an attractive matte lamination.
  • Equipped with a nylon handle for easy hold.
  • Add a personal touch to your bags.

Our 170 GSM or 300 GSM Art Paper Makes the Printed Matte Paper Bags Long-Lasting

Are you a grocery store, retail business, or boutique owner looking to increase your customer base? Fret not! Best of Signs offers bespoke paper bags that take your brand packaging up a notch. Promoting sustainability, these bags are 100% recyclable and reusable. The use of our bags has many environmental benefits, including a reduced carbon footprint.

At Best of Signs, our top-quality printed matte paper bags are crafted to meet the rising demand for a sustainable lifestyle. Sophisticated, smart, and sleek, they are a premium way to portray your brand image. Made from 170 GSM or 300 GSM art paper our bags are long-lasting and sturdy.

To jazz up the look and feel of your paper bags, they are available in multiple colors like chocolate, white, black, red, pink, and blue. You can choose the color that blends seamlessly with your brand’s theme and tonality. Kindly note that the bag’s exterior color will be the background color you select, whereas the inner color will be classic white. To offer a secure hold, the bags feature a durable nylon handle. We will select the most suitable handle color based on the bag color you select.

Eye-catching and visually stunning, our bags come with a matte lamination that gives them a unique look. Besides, the lamination helps your bag stand out and move ahead of your competitors in the business world. With a softer and more natural look, the lamination makes your text noticeable and allows you to read it without any hassles.

Personalize Your Matte Laminated Paper Bags with Your Brand Name/Text/Logo

To uplift your brand marketing strategy, you can personalize your bags with your brand name/text/logo. Just upload your unique design on our website or use our user-friendly online designing tool to create your artwork. After personalizing your bag, we will deliver them straight to your doorstep!

Printed with full-color, digital printing technique, our bags come with high-resolution and easy-to-read graphics. Moreover, our high-end printing technique delivers the best color match, longer print life, and clarity. Based on your branding requirements, you can select either one side or both side printing.

Matte Paper Bags Come in Different Sizes

At Best of Signs, we offer multiple sizes (W X D X H) options with our bags, including 3’’ x 2’’ x 4’’, 8” x 4’’ x 10’’, 10’’ x 5’’ x 13’’, 16’’ x 6’’ x 12’’, 5.5’’ x 4’’ x 14’’, 5’’ x 3’’ x 8.5’’ and 12.5’’ x 4’’ x 9’’. You can select any size depending on how big or small your packaging needs are. So why the wait? Place your order at Best of Signs today!