Custom Printed Inflatable Dome Tent - Design 2

Custom Printed Inflatable Dome Tent - Design 2


Get Your Own Printed Airwave Inflatable Canopy for Your Business

  • Strong frame material of Dacron Composition
  • Featuring Airtight Inner Tube Technology.
  • 600 Denier polyester fabric for water and UV resistance.
  • Various size options and customization are available.
  • Available in the frame colors of black, red, white, and gray.

Buy the Perfect Canopy for your Outings with Our Airwave Inflatable Canopy - Fully Printed

For all your outdoor adventures, customized to your needs and style, our Airwave Inflatable Canopy is here. To ensure structure and support, the Inflatable frame system is used. The Airwave Inflatable Canopy uses air-filled tubes and beams to construct a frame, hence offering shade and protection against the elements, in contrast to traditional tents using poles. Then it is wrapped with an outer layer of fabric designed for shade and protection from the elements. It not only protects you from dust, but also provides the comfort of shade when you most need it.

Strong frame material for Longevity: Dacron, a polyester fabric, is renowned for its remarkable strength, resilience, and ability to resist stretching or shrinking. When utilized in product construction, Dacron composition guarantees a dependable and enduring framework. The frame material, in our canopy, crafted from Dacron provides exceptional tensile strength, making it the perfect choice for supporting structures that demand stability and durability.

New Airtight Inner Tube Technology: Airtight Inner Tube Technology encompasses a cutting-edge design and manufacturing process employed in crafting inner tubes for diverse applications. The primary objective of using this technology is to produce products with improved air retention capabilities, effectively reducing air leakage and ensuring the maintenance of optimal tire pressure over an extended period.

Multiple Dimensions options: The outdoor Airwave inflatable canopy offers a variety of dimensions for you to select from, catering to your specific requirements. With options ranging from 13 Ft x 13 Ft to 17 Ft x 17 Ft and even 20 Ft x 20 Ft, it provides a wide range of sizes to meet all your outdoor needs.

Different Color Options to Choose From: With a range of color options available, this product offers you the chance to accessorize according to your mood or the surrounding environment. Whether you prefer black, red, white, or gray, the variety of colors ensures that you can freely choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Electric Pump Specifications: While not weather resistant, our product is designed to handle an input of 110V/60Hz, consuming 600 watts of power. It operates with an industry-leading 2.4PSI and boasts an impressive airflow of 1000L/min.

Step Under the Stars with our Printed Airwave Inflatable Canopy

Customize Your Own Canopy: Our website provides a range of customization options, including multiple dimensions, allowing you to tailor the product according to your specific needs. This way, you can ensure that the product perfectly complements your requirements. With various dimensions and customization choices available, our website allows you to add that personalized touch and create a material that precisely caters to your preferences.

Included Accessories to Use: The product package includes an electric pump, carrying bag, and stakes, ensuring a convenient and effortless setup process. Additionally, it features zippers for easy attachment, making the whole assembly process hassle-free.

Outdoor Airwave Inflatable Canopy with Simple Washing Instructions, Perfect for Family and Business Outings

Easy to Clean: To preserve the vibrant colors of the fabric, it is recommended to choose dry cleaning as the preferred method of cleaning. However, if you prefer to clean the fabric yourself, spot cleaning or using a pressure washer with mild soap and water on a very low setting can be gentle and effective alternatives.

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