Custom Printed Packaging Tape

Custom Printed Packaging Tape


Quick Stick Custom Printed Packaging Tapes for Effective Packaging

  • Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) cast film provides superior stiffness.
  • Water based acrylic adhesive bonds strongly.
  • Available in 3 sizes (W x L): 3 x 70, 2.5 x 70, 2 x 70 (in x yds)
  • Comes in two color variants – clear and brown
  • Personalized tapes with flexographic prints are available.

Strong Adhesive Custom Printed Packaging Tapes for Safe Packaging

Custom printed packaging tapes reduce the need to maintain stockpiles of printed cartons. Also, investing on good quality packaging tapes is crucial for any business because failing to do so may lead to problems like carton rework, material waste, higher labor costs, a higher risk of product damage, contamination, and even theft during transit.

At BannerBuzz, our custom packaging tapes are made with biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) cast films and water based acrylic adhesive layers, standing up to heat, humidity and cold. The adhesive instantly sticks to corrugated cartons and seals tight so your packages stay protected.

Our BOPP packaging tapes are burst proof, hence seals so tight that your packages stay protected. They come in 2 different color variants, clear and brown. Clear tapes are perfect for those fancy items because of their glossy finish.Made to last long, our tapes are available with a shelf life of 1 year.

Our BOPP tapes are available in 3 sizes (WxL): 3 x 70 in x yds, 2.5 x 70 in x yds, 2 x 70 in x yds with widths measuring 48 mm, 60 mm and 72 mm respectively and a standard length of 70 Yards, making them suitable for a range of packaging applications. These tapes come with a core of 3”, a diameter of 4” and thickness of 2 mil.

Print your Brand on Personalized BOPP Tapes

Our custom packaging tapes dispense so quick, thereby allowing you to seal more boxes in less time. Customers can personalize orders by uploading their artwork to our Bannerbuzz website. The artwork should only include solid shapes and colors. Kindly note that effects like blending, fading, or gradients cannot be printed.

High-quality flexography is used to print the artwork, as it supports a range of colors. For secure handling and storage, the printed tape enables rapid identification of the contents of the boxes. Personalized BOPP tapes would also easily reach more clients and raise brand awareness.

Easy to Order Custom Packaging Tapes

We provide bulk order discounts to all our customers. Choose from the varieties of packaging tapes based on your specifications requirement and easily place the order from our BannerBuzz website. It is recommended to utilize the product within 12 months of the date of shipment. Our heavy duty packaging tapes can be used for all shipping boxes.