Dine In Closed Metal Frames

Dine In Closed Metal Frames

  • Robust MS cold-rolled coil (CRC) steel used to create curbside signs.
  • Preprinted graphics help designers save time and work.
  • Graphics with full-color, ultraviolet (UV) printing are of higher quality.
  • Save on costs by ordering multiple metal frames. 

Metal Frame Signs Convey Take-out Availability

Dine-in Closed Curbside Metal Frames with Single or Double-Sided Printing 

Every establishment needs a good way to frame and preserve visuals, brand statements, and adverts. We make our metal frame signs from robust MS CRC material, which allows you to package your message within a sturdy frame. With easy installation, high-quality images, and customization choices, metal frame signs serve as an effective communication tool. 

Corflute, a fluted polypropylene construction material, is the basis of our curbside signs. The material is both flexible and waterproof, allowing it to resist the wind while remaining legible in the rain. The entire structure ensures the frames' durability and suitability for outdoor use.

UV print method improves the graphics' endurance and protects from harmful UV rays. The 600 dots per inch (dpi) printing also provides sharp picture clarity and great resolution, making custom A-frame signs easy to read and beautiful, encouraging people to browse your website and place take-out orders.

In terms of graphics, frames, and the quantity of printed panels, take-out signs offer a wide range of customizing options. The options above allow you to customize the product to meet your needs. Depending on your demands, you can print information on both sides or only one. You can purchase just the frame if you already have the graphic. There is something for every buyer thanks to the personalization choices.

Eco-friendly and Ready-to-Use Metal Frame Signs

The process used to print curbside signs requires very little solvent evaporation. We use environment-friendly printing solution, because no solvents are release into the environment during production. You may create an ecologically conscious reputation by using our signs.

The preprinted metal frame signs allow for a simple selection and order placement procedure, saving you time and effort. Because the signs are ready to use, you can put it up as soon as you want, alerting guests to the availability of online ordering, curbside service, and takeout, eliminating revenue loss due to dine-in closure.

Order Metal Frames at Bulk Discounts

Purchase custom A-frame signs in quantities ranging from two to over 200 easily. When you buy in bulk, enjoy special savings, reducing your ad spend and staying inside your budget. 

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