Drug Free Workplace Floor Mats

Drug Free Workplace Floor Mats

  • Available in 3 X 2 ft & 4 X 3ft sizes.
  • Made of coral fleece material.
  • Back material made of non-woven fabrics with grippers.
  • Full color printing using the dye-sublimation technique.
  • Special pricing on bulk orders is available.

Our Custom Floor Mats are Made of Coral Fleece Pile Material

Let your employees know how serious you are about adhering to a set of programs and policies designed to keep drug abuse at bay. What can serve as a constant reminder about this are ‘Drug Free Workplace’ Floor Mats at the entrance itself.

Adding a touch of class to your workplace, these floor mats are made of high-quality coral fleece pile material. This coral-like textile fabric is extremely soft yet tough.

Boasting a material thickness of 10mm, our "Drug Free Workplace" floor mats have a size tolerance or the allowable limit of variation of +/-3%. Their weight tolerance is +/-5%.

Adding to their toughness is the non-woven fabric with grippers that forms the perfect back material. This gives good, strong support and grip to our floor mats.

Our Floor Mats Come in Two Convenient Sizes

Our custom floor mats come in two sizes. The mat measuring 3X2 ft weighs 0.4 kgs while the one measuring 4X3 ft weighs 0.7 kgs. Both these options make them easy to use.

They are created using the 1440 DPI dye sublimation process. The use of this technique ensures high visual vibrancy and luster. Our floor mats come in full-color prints that do not bleed or fade easily.

Get aDiscount on Bulk Orders

You can order any number of our ‘Drug Free Workplace’ floor mats as you require and enjoy bulk quantity discounts. The larger the order, the bigger will be the discount that you can grab.