Eagle Inflatable Tube Man Mascot

Eagle Inflatable Tube Man Mascot


Successful Marketing Campaign With Eagle Inflatables

  • With added tarpaulin, inflatable tubes last longer, are rip-proof.
  • Pre-printed mascots can be ordered fast, conveniently.
  • Dye sublimation printing produces sharp, permanent images.
  • Order multiple inflatables and we give you a bulk discount.

Raise Curiosity With Memorable Eagle Inflatables

When you have a marketing event, it isn't easy to catch the attention of people of all ages. Inflatable mascots make up a significant attraction, and they pull in enormous crowds of people. With wavy arm guy inflatables, you can create significant buzz for your brand. We have inflatable tube mascots you can incorporate into your marketing activities.

We use dye-sublimation printing for high definition, vibrant, bright, and matching colors. The dye printing allows for stunning graphics, the colors are permanently fade free, and they do not crack from sun exposure.

With the high-strength polyamide-nylon, the inflatable tube is resistant to high temperatures, tough, and has impeccable resistance. These features make inflatable tubes ideal as a marketing medium in any weather condition.

When you urgently need inflatable mascots, we have pre-printed graphics you can order. It's easy and convenient. You also have the option of adding graphics per your preference.

Grow Sales With Blow Up Mascots

Our inflatable tubes have an addition of tarpaulin for flexibility, The tarpaulin increases the performance of the inflatable mascots, and it's also water -resistant. The inflatable tubes offer three heights when inflated. You have the option of adding a blower to have a functional wacky inflatable tube man.

It's easy to clean the inflatable tubes. You can either hand wash or use a front load washing machine. Use a mild detergent to avoid discoloration and hang to dry.

Get a Bulk Discount for Eagle Inflatables

Order multiple inflatable tubes to make your marketing campaign a success and get a bulk discount. Discounts increase on orders up to 100 tube man mascots.

Shop eagle inflatable tube man mascots for your organization online at Best of Signs.