Easy-Fold Mailer

Easy-Fold Mailers


Perfectly Wrap Fragile Items During Transit with Durable Easy-Fold Mailers

  • Made of single wall B flute corrugated fiberboard for protection.
  • Available with a 32 ECT (Edge Crush Test) value for stacking strength.
  • Sustainable mailers help in undertaking different social responsibilities.
  • Corrugated sheet available with a 3 mm material thickness.
  • Digitally printed personalized graphics with multi-color option available.

Become an Eco-Conscious Brand Today - Buy Recyclable Custom Easy-Fold Mailers

Thanks to our top-quality Easy-Fold Mailers, transporting paperboard packing doesn’t have to be painstakingly tricky anymore. Primarily used for shipping flat objects like books, magazines, and paperbacks, they are incredibly versatile and long-lasting. We use 100% recyclable and durable materials to manufacture your mailers, ensuring your brand doesn’t contaminate the environment. Designed for a snug fit, they come in multiple pre-defined sizes and colors.

Composed of Durable Corrugated Sheet:Designed to meet high packaging standards, our custom easy-fold mailers come with single wall B corrugated fiberboard, offering durability. They offer enhanced puncture resistance, consisting of two flat liner boards and one wall B fluted corrugated. This allows you to stack up mailers in your inventory without the fear of collapsing. Crafted to withstand heavy weight, our corrugated sheet has a 3 mm material thickness.

100% Recyclable Mailers Allow Reusability: Allowing you to leave a positive environmental impact, our long-lasting, easy-fold corrugated mailers are 100% recyclable, sustainable, and environmentally responsible. The sustainable nature of the mailer allows you to use them year after year without thinking twice. Besides improving your brand’s reputation, green packaging ensures that your packaging does not end up in landfills repeatedly.

Mailers Available With 32 ECT Value:At Best of Signs, we believe in delivering world-class products that offer unmatched value to our customers. Considering our beliefs, our durable custom easy-fold mailers come with a 32 ECT (edge crush test) value, equivalent to 200# test for stronger bursting strength. The test signifies enhanced stacking strength, allowing businesses to ship their products worldwide without stressing about in-transit damages.

Personalized Easy Fold Corrugated Mailers Help in Brand Building & Recognition

Personalize Mailers with Brand Name, Logo, etc.: Specifically tailored to meet your brand’s marketing objectives, our top-quality custom easy-fold mailers can be printed with your desired text, image, logo, or any other design. Allowing you to leave a positive impression on all your customers, they help increase your customer base significantly. Moreover, it is an excellent advertising tool that boosts customer engagement.

Digital Printing Offers High-Resolution Graphics:Premium-quality packaging printing is vital to move ahead of your competitors. We employ high-end digital printing techniques to produce detailed, crisp, and clear graphics on our custom easy-fold mailer. Besides, the multi-color printing offers a wide range of vivid colors, ensuring your personalized design stands out in areas with maximum customer traffic.

Easy Fold Corrugated Mailers Come in Appealing Colors & Sizes

Different Pre-Defined Sizes & Colors Available:At Best of Signs, we understand that businesses have varied packaging requirements, especially regarding packaging size. Bearing this in mind, our premium-quality easy-fold mailers come in 13 pre-defined sizes, and you can select the one depending on your product size, materials, etc. Additionally, we offer different attractive mailer color options like brown and white. Want to shop for your easy-to-assemble mailers today? Our order process is hassle-free, allowing you to get your mailer quickly! Stop waiting and start shopping today.