For Enquiry Visit our Website Window Clings

For Enquiry Visit our Website Window Clings

  • Durable floor mats made with polyester fabric.
  • Outdoor floor mat available in 3 ft. x 2 ft. size.
  • Printed in 1440 DPI using dye-sublimation process.
  • Comes with a special discount on bulk orders.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Premium-Quality For Enquiry Window Clings in Custom Size

The pandemic and COVID norms cannot stop your business from flourishing. You can put up our window clings that state “ For Enquiry, visit our website”. This signage can entice passersby to stop and check what your business is all about even when your store is closed. We make our window clings in premium quality, driving sales and engagement for your business.

To offer durability and UV resistance, we make our clings with high-quality 190 GSM white PVC. It is made of opaque cling to display your message clearly and flash cut.

You can customize your cling by selecting a suitable size for your store window or door. We recommend that you put up a large-sized cling for higher visibility.

Our clings are printed in full-color, 600 DPI printing to ensure high visual vibrancy. This printing does not fade and attracts customers.

Easy-to-Apply Window Clings

You can easily apply our window clings on your surface. The material is non adhesive and simply sticks onto your surface due to static pressure. To set up your window cling, follow these simple steps. It is important to note here that this cling is ideal for indoor use, therefore it should be applied inside. Clean your surface dry, peel off the backing of the cling, and place on the surface.

After which you can use our tool to remove air/water bubbles that might form between cling and the surface. We provide a squeegee tool that helps in smoothening and pressure control while application.

Custom Window Clings Available at Special Discounts

Our window clings can be bought in any quantity you require. We offer bulk discounts on purchase of quantities ranging from 2-500. You can check our overview table of provided discounts for various ranges. Get your special discount with a bang for your buck now!