EZ Extend Displays

EZ Extend Displays


Expedite your banner stand setup time while adding lavish appeal with our newest fabric display - the EZ Extend!

  • Dye- sublimated polyester fabric print
  • Sewn on the left, right and top, with a zipper at the bottom
  • Available in various sizes

EZ Extend Display Is Not Just Any Banner Stand!

Advertising your brand in an event might seem simple, but one wrong move can break your image in the minds of consumers. Do not take risks and always stick to EZ Extend Display for your promotional banners. This is because they offer a more professional vibe to people with their simple, yet elegant design.

You can use high-quality banners to feature on the EZ Extend Display. One of the best things about this display is that you can use a 2-sided display on it. This saves a lot of space around your station in a marketing event.

Utility at Its Best

A good promotional banner is not just about how it appeals to the user. It is also about the ease it offers you. With the EZ Extend Display, you get to enjoy an easy assembly. It only takes a couple of minutes to set the banner stand. This allows you to save a great deal of time while setting up a station at a certain marketing event.

To add to your ease, the EZ Extend Display is quite light in weight. This means that carrying it to and fro is not a hassle at all. You even get a carry case with this product so you can easily pack the entire set equipment for transportation. All in all, this product offers you great utility, and certainly is a great and cost-effective advertising tool.