EZ Extend Displays

EZ Extend Displays


Showcase Marketing Materials Using EZ Extend Displays

  • A collapsible design simplifies transport.
  • Polyester banners are good for both outdoor and indoor placement.
  • A self-supporting design enables easy installation.
  • A carry bag allows easy transport and storage.

Promotional Banner Stands With Vibrant Graphics

Trade show participants need vibrant marketing materials that support simple installation. Tried and tested EZ display stands let you decorate and promote your brand. These are versatile stands that work well at storefronts, job fairs, and other places with foot traffic.

We print your choice of graphics and text onto banners before shipping. Full-color inks bring out the graphics exactly the way they appear on your computer screen to help you stay consistent with brand colors. With resolutions of 1440 DPI, the graphics are sharp and visible from a distance.

You can order the stands with or without banners. The fabric banners support machine washing and handwashing for maintenance. A bottom zipper on the stands tightens the fabric to straighten out wrinkles. To remove wrinkles introduced through washing or transportation, press gently with a hot iron. The fabric banners feature stitching on the top and side edges to prevent fraying. The stands have a self-supporting design for easy installation, and a collapsible design for easy storage and transport. Featuring aluminum parts, the frames offer stability, durability, and weather-resistant construction for safe use outdoors.

Customize Promotional Banner Stands

With our collection of professional banner templates, you have unlimited design options. Each template supports customization to tailor it to your needs. Use the artwork upload feature to import your logos and graphics.

Choose from four stand sizes to display your banners. You have the option of buying single-sided or double-sided banners to meet your needs. We include a handy carry bag to enable transporting them easily.

Volume Pricing for EZ Extend Displays

You can save money on EZ Extend display purchases by buying in bulk. Our sliding-scale pricing model provides better prices to customers who buy two or more stands.

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