Fabric Pop Up Curved Display

Fabric Pop Up Curved Display


Attract the attention of hundreds of potential clients as they walk by

  • Light weight easy to carry and set-up
  • Velcro attachment
  • Travel bag also available

All aspiring businesses understand the importance of effective product promotion, especially now when the market is characterized by cut throat competition. If you are wise you will pay attention to every little detail when it comes to promotion. Your product and business needs to be an eye catcher and should grab the attention of the customer right away. This is where we come in. Our Curved Fabric Pop up Banner Stands are designed to help you out with this. Our curved display stands are guaranteed to get your message through to the customer.

The Product features that you desire

  • Are you worried about paying extra for excess luggage, when you travel by air? Well then we have the solution for your worries, as our product is made for light weight travelling.
  • Our Curved Fabric Pop up Banner Stands weigh only about 8kgs approximately. This weight has been maintained to facilitate your needs.
  • You get a Carry hold-all with our pop up stands which only measure about 1.2m x 20cm x 30cm
  • We know that is important for our clients and that most cannot spend too much time in setting up the stand. This is why our stands are fast and easy to assemble
  • You get a Seamless graphic panel when you opt for our pop up stands.
  • Do you require another graphic panel? It will cost extra and that worries you, doesn't it? But it shouldn't anymore because at BestofSigns we also offer Replacement graphic panels.

What benefits do you get out of these stands?

  • The pop up stands are designed to serve your promotional needs by providing an impressive display of your products and your business.
  • These pop up stands save you a great deal of time which you can use to deal with your customers or use it for some other aspect of your business.
  • The light weight of the Curved Fabric Pop up Banner Stands makes it travel friendly and is highly portable so you don't have to worry about its transportation.
  • Our stands are designed to facilitate your needs at all costs. This is why you will find these stands, easy to assemble, and easy to work with.